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Ways to Add Romance to Your Dating Relationship


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Take Notes of What Your Loved One Likes


Adriana Poveda

When your loved one mentions a romantic idea or item in passing that they'd enjoy, write it down on a personalized yet private "romantic idea wish list". There is no need to show your loved one that you have such a list, but make sure these romantic ideas are something you carry around with you at all times (say a piece of paper tucked into a corner of your wallet or a tiny notepad in your purse). Then, when your loved one express interest in a particular item or romantic idea - say a CD, book, movie, trip, culinary experience, concert, sporting event or gizmo - jot it down. When an anniversary, birthday, celebration or "just because" day rolls around, you'll have a large list of romantic ideas and gifts to pick from that will show how much you care and pay attention.

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