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Club Intimate Free Dating Site Review

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Filled with great features and easy to use, Club Intimate would score higher marks had it more members and a search function that allowed more drilling down geographically. But for a free dating site, its host of features is promising, so its definitely a website to watch.

Overview from Club Intimate

"There's more to relationships than just arranging a date and getting a phone number. The best relationships come from common interests and familiarity. Club Intimate has set itself apart from other online dating services by combining traditional features of online dating with new, interactive social networking features that allow you to easily find people with common interests and get to know them. We're building communities in which you can participate and socialise online." - From Club Intimate's About Us page.

What Club Intimate Includes

Club Intimate offers all of its users free access to their database, as well as a host of social networking and blogging options, such as:

  • Search: Quick, advanced, saved, who's online now, who has viewed me, and search by member name;
  • Profile: How many times your profile has been viewed, uploading of photos, hot or not -type rankings, winks, private passes (where you allow certain users to see different photos than everyone else), and Skype connectivity, so actual phone calls can take place within Club Intimate so that none of your personal information is shared;
  • Social Networking: ability to both blog or read user blogs, add friends on the Club Intimate system, invite friends to Club intimate, forums, event listings (of which there was only one listed when I visited Club Intimate).

Details About Club Intimate

Even though Club Intimate's title might make it seem more like an adult dating site, in fact it caters to people of all sexual orientations looking for all sorts of relationships: travel partners, activity partners, friendship, dating relationship and intimate encounters.

Profile creation takes a bit longer than other free dating sites, only because there are a large number of drop down lists and small 'about me' type-in fields to maneuver before receiving full access to the site. But once finished, those who have filled in all of the criteria will be pleasantly surprised with the information they can see right away about a potential partner.

A frustrating aspect of Club Intimate's database is its search feature. Although users can perform a large number of unique searches (by places they've been, future destinations and types of intimate encounters they are looking for -- for starters), there is no way to drill down to see people in your immediate area. So when I searched, I could see when they'd logged in last (to the minute!) but there were so many results in my geographic area that I quickly gave up looking, as I had no way of telling if someone was within 25 miles of my location without clicking on their profile.

Well laid out, easy to use and without any bugs that I came across, Club Intimate left me wishing there were an easier way to find local singles. Additionally, as there were few users found in the blogs, forums and only one event listed, I was left with the impression that with more members, Club Intimate might be a great free dating site.

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