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Manhunt Review

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Manhunt Gay Dating Site

Manhunt Gay Dating Site


One of the largest gay dating sites around, Manhunt is a popular destination for gay men around the world because of its many language variations, large database of users and sexy almost in-your-face attitude. But Manhunt's recent higher than normal site maintenance outages have made it more frustrating than not for some users. Read on to see if its a gay dating site you want to sign up with.

Overview from the Manhunt Dating Site

"Our MANHUNT Search feature, available with an Unlimited Membership, allows you to hunt for your man based on your exact taste. Looking for a dom top? Power bottom? How about a bear? Into threesomes? Mix your search options to match your mood today and come back tomorrow and do it all over again. If you perform the same Search often, you can add it to your Saved Searches and easily run it again right from the top navigation menu."

What a Manhunt Dating Membership Includes

Although gay men can sign up for free at Manhunt, there is little they can do with a freebie membership other than create a profile, add photos and perform basic searches. Contact in the form of email or winks is excluded only to paying members. Full membership at Manhunt also includes access to a gay shop that sells sexually explicit movies, games, toys and photos.

Unlike many dating sites, Manhunt allows its users to post nude photos of themselves on their site. However, there are no videos or instant messaging offerings at Manhunt, nor are there chat rooms or a gay dating magazine. These lack of features, combined with its sexual innuendo on almost every page make it obvious that Manhunt is merely looking to capture the casual sex dating market of the gay community and aren't focused at all on longer term gay relationships, which is fantastic if that's what you're after.

Unique Features of Manhunt

Members-only searches are detailed and thorough, and include many sexually charged options such as preferred sexual positions, times and locations as well as other members' height, build, eye or hair color.

Manhunt is one of the oldest gay dating companies around, having started in 1989 in the US as a telephone-based dating service called The Tool Hunt. Manhunt was also one of the first dating sites in the world to address the issue of sexual health with its Manhunt Cares website beginning in 2002.

In January of 2011, Manhunt added a mobile app, called Manhunt Mobile.

Manhunt Membership Costs

Costs for Manhunt vary depending on the length of time you'd like to sign up for, and the free features are limited (as are with most pay-per-use dating sites). Expect to pay anywhere from $12.50/month USD and up for a membership. Manhunt offers its users the ability to pay by debit card, credit card, check or money order, all in US funds.

The Bottom Line

Manhunt is a well-loved gay dating site, and it shows. Its user base has grown considerably since its inception with a reported four million users, it has won numerous casual sex and adult website awards and is currently the top gay male dating site in several South American countries. With its specific sexually related search functions and obvious focus on what gay men are looking for in a casual sex relationship, there are few gay male dating sites that top Manhunt today. Recommended.

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