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Pink Sofa Review

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Pink Sofa Lesbian Dating

Pink Sofa Lesbian Dating

Pink Sofa, a dating site catering exclusively to lesbian and bisexual women, offers users more than just a place to meet people. Not only are there extensive features that allow for community building, but the umbrella company that runs the site is focused entirely on serving the lesbian community - and thus, is highly specialized and perfectly suited to meet the needs of lesbian singles. More users and a better search feature would earn Pink Sofa a five-star rating.

Overview from Pink Sofa

"Join Pink Sofa to find, communicate, interact, and access. Connecting lesbians." - from the Pink Sofa trailer, found at PinkSofa.com.

What a Pink Sofa Lesbian Dating Site Membership Includes

There are two different membership levels with Pink Sofa: free and paid. Free members have access to the entire site, including classifieds, forums and accommodation listings. However, users must pay for a subscription in order to send anything but canned messages to users they are interested in, chat, or send instant messages. Other features available to all members no matter what their status include a social networking system, the ability to tag favorite profiles, member blocking, search, and a list of who's currently online.

Pink Sofa is an easy site to navigate, with links prominently displayed for all of the various features offered. But although there are many one-click searches any user can perform (new grrls, online now, perfect match, just to name a few) the function is still lacking for those not living in larger metropolitan areas. For instance, I live in a smaller community; my only option was "Other" when listing what part of my state/province I lived in. Therefore when searching for others in my geographic area, I could only look for "other" - which landed me matches more than 600 miles away in some instances. So if a gal hasn't written the town she lives in, and if you don't do a search for your specific town in the keyword search area, you'll be hard pressed to find another lovely lady within dating distance.

Finally, the options to define oneself were obviously (thankfully) created by fellow lesbians, such as one question that asks what type of lesbian you are (butch, femme, lipstick lesbian, leather, androgynous, etc.)

Unique Features of Pink Sofa Lesbian Dating

Pink Sofa isn't just a lesbian dating site; its also a community for bisexual and lesbian women to connect. Lesbian businesses are featured prominently all over the website, the forums are full of Q&A's, and "Your Say" is for women who want to debate and discuss topics relevant to the lesbian lifestyle.

Also, users seem to come from all over the world; this isn't just a US-based lesbian dating site. A quick review of the 'newest grrls' shows many new members in Australia, the UK and Europe, a fair amount from the US, and only a handful from elsewhere (including Canada).

Pink Sofa Lesbian Dating Membership Costs

All new members receive a three free day trial to try out lesbian dating site Pink Sofa, to see if they'd rather remain a free member or subscribe to a paid membership.

Membership costs vary depending on how long you'd like to commit for: one month costs $30.00 USD, three months $60.00 USD, six months $90.00 USD and one year $120.00 USD.

Members can pay using PayPal or their credit card.

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User Reviews

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 1 out of 5
Haven for Bullies!, Member Batsheeba_Faux

The Pink Sofa is an Australian lesbian dating site based in South Australia. Membership of the site is predominantly Australian but is not limited to Australians. The company is a for-profit organization that aims to provide a space on the internet where lesbians can meet in a safe and pleasant environment. The company’s name used to be Gaggles. Over time, what no doubt started as a worthy idea, especially in an environment where lesbian women are often discriminated against, turned into something very different. Now the Pink Sofa is an environment where bullying is not only tolerated but participated in by the site administrative team. Let me explain what I mean: The ‘Forums’ on the Pink Sofa are basically headings where any member, paying or not, may make a contribution. The headings are on very diverse topics and range from politics, to fashion and sexual identity. The contributions to the Forums are heavily censored. The censorship is done, it seems, by people who have not benefited from an environment where free thinking and expression is encouraged. They view any controversy as negative and gag anyone who expresses an opinion different from their own. An example is the following: The Pink Sofa has given ‘lesbian’ a rather broad definition. According to their definition, a man who wishes to remain a man in the physical sense of the word, but feels like ‘a woman inside’, qualifies as a lesbian. If you question this definition and say that to be a lesbian you need to be physiologically a woman, your comments are removed without an explanation. The result has been that the Forums are dominated by people who are men physically but claim to feel like ‘women’. If you had expressed a contrary opinion, you are hounded and not left in peace even if you write in different forums and on different topics. I am a fairly typical professional lesbian woman and I did not feel that the Sofa was a safe environment for me. Trying to say what you think or stand up for yourself on the site is a waste of time and could lead to your exclusion. After standing my ground against those who disagreed with me, the Pink Sofa staff eventually tired of censoring my writing and wrote to me that ‘since I had two profiles, this profile would now be deleted’ or words to that effect. I did not have two profiles. My access to the site was denied without a just cause and after giving a bogus reason. I suppose those who knew me on the site would have been left with the impression that I was doing something unlawful and that is why my profile was deleted. This is not the case. For other professional women out there – lawyers, doctors and anyone who has at least high school – I would not recommend this site. It is a congregation of bullies that would do anything in their power to cut down anyone who does not think or write like they do. Censorship on the site has taken a very ugly form. The staff behave in a disrespectful manner. I have given the site one star because I believe the initial idea and intent was probably a good one. At present it does more harm than good.

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