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From the first look that gets your interest to meeting the parents, from moving in together to getting engaged, and even from breaking up to moving on, the relationship journey can be as daunting as it is rewarding. Let me answer your questions and provide you with the tools you need to polish your dating game, so you can enjoy whichever relationship stage you happen to be at today.
  1. Create Intimacy
  2. Getting Serious
  3. Getting To 'I Love You'
  4. Long Term Relationships
  1. Breaking Up
  2. Moving On
  3. Dating Again

Create Intimacy

Create Intimacy With Massage

Maintaining a loving relationship is a major priority for many singles and couples. But why do some people have long-term intimate relationships that last for years, while others struggle with intimacy of any kind? Learn romantic techniques, obstacles to intimacy, and how to move towards a more connected relationship now.

Getting Serious

Getting Serious

You've been dating a few months maybe, and you want to know if its time to get serious or not. Use these resources to help you and your partner decide if your relationship can stand the test of time.

Getting To 'I Love You'

I Love You

Some relationships never make it this far, while others are barreling down the road at full speed well before most people would even consider saying 'I Really Like You'. So how do you know if you're in love, or alternatively, how do you get there? These articles attempt guide you along that lovin' path and show you the way.

Long Term Relationships

Long Term Relationships

Want a long term relationship, or in one already? Hard work or piece of cake, this is where you`ll find suggestions and tips on how to make your long term relationship the one of your dreams.

Breaking Up

Broken Hearted - Breaking Up

Relationship advice about break-ups, making it through breaking up, how to mend a broken heart, rejection, what to do after a breakup, break-up warning signs, coping with infidelity, and getting back together after a breakup.

Moving On

Moving On - Dealing With Unfinished Business - Healing

Reflection as to why you've broken up, including any patterns associated with your break-up, is an important step of moving on. Learn how to break dating patterns, whether or not to stay friends with your ex, and getting closure.

Dating Again

The Search For Love

In order to date again, you'll need to overcome relationship hurdles needed to meet someone special. Why not take some time as a single person to prepare yourself for the process?

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