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Good Gifts For Boyfriends

Boyfriend Gifts Sure To Please


Need an unusual, interesting or just plain good gift for your boyfriend, but aren't sure where to start? Try this list for starters, and see where you can personalize the idea to make it like no other. Think I've missed the perfect boyfriend gift on this list? Feel free to share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Parachute Hammock

Simple, beautiful and practical, a hammock made out of the same material as hot air balloons or parachutes is a unique boyfriend gift offering sure to please. Used as a portable sleeping device or set up at home for everyday use, a hammock offers a surprisingly comfortable resting place and very little equipment or skill to hang.

Beer Making Kit

For the boyfriend that loves specialty beers and is old enough to drink, a beer making kit allows him to create a special concoction that suits his specific preferences. Make sure that the kit you purchase as a good boyfriend gift includes everything he'll need to get started, including a small keg, bottles, mix and instructions.

Wi Fi Detector Shirt

For the boyfriend constantly connected to social networking sites, or the guy that needs wi fi acces to check his email every five minutes, a wi fi detector is a handy tool to keep around. Most people use a keychain wi fi detector, so why not give something a bit more unusual to help him? Thanks to internet technology and a few well positioned LED lights, your guy can wear a shirt that proudly displays any nearby wi fi connection with blinking lights that get larger as the signal moves closer.

Survival Straps Bracelet

For the boyfriend that loves outdoor adventures, or who gets into a pickle more often than not, give him a thoughtful gift that not only looks cool on his wrist but serves a potentially life-saving function too. The bracelet, which also attaches to backpacks and bags, unravels into 14' of 550lb tested paracord, and comes with a replacement guarantee should he need it for survival purposes.

Faucet Lights

Looking for a truly unique yet good gift for your boyfriend? Then try a faucet light that changes the color of the water - red for hot water and blue for cold. It doesn't affect the quality or taste of the water flowing through the attachement, and it fits most normally-sized faucets. Use it as a nightlight for those evening bathroom trips, or something fun and funky to show off anytime.

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