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Small Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Girlfriend or Lover Gift Ideas


Gifts for your girlfriend don't have to be expensive or extensive to thrill and delight her. Check out these small gift ideas for your girlfriend or lover, and put a smile on her face anytime. Any would be great for romantic stocking stuffers, Valentine's Day gifts, romantic birthday gifts or even just because.

Heart Shaped Vase Small Gift Idea

Heart Shaped Vase - Small Girlfriend Gift

Simple yet expressive, a heart shaped vase shows how much you care without going overboard. Pick a few local-to-you flowers to put in it and you've found an elegant small gift for your girlfriend.

After 830 Massage Bar

Chocolate Massage Bar
Lush Cosmetics

A chocolate mint melty that you rub everywhere, and make her melt in turn. Although it smells sweeter than it tastes, it's a lovely small gift to show off your kneading abilities and massage longetivity powers.

SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster

iPhone Booster Small Girlfriend Gift

Does your girlfriend ever complain that she can't hear you when talking on her iPhone? Has she tried listening to music or watching a video but felt that the sound fell short? This inexpensive and truly small gift will quickly solve both problems for 3G iPhone users by amplifying sound without using battery power.

Bon Bain Bonnard Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb - Small Girlfriend Gift

I'm a huge fan of LUSH, the all-natural body and cosmetics company that never uses preservatives in their products. Many years ago a partner gave me one of their bath bombs 'just because', and I've been hooked ever since. Inexpensive (less than $10, many under $5) and truly sensational smelling, these bombs are a small gift gem.

  • Kiss Me Klimpt Bath Bomb - inspired by Gustav Klimt's sensual paintings. Ylang yland, roses and a hint of shimmer. (Buy Direct)
  • Absolute Delight Bath Bomb - like a comfy partner that you want to come home to. Jasmine and Turkish rose essence. (Buy Direct)
  • Psychodelic Bubble Bar - for days where she needs to relax. Citrus and sandalwood. (Buy Direct)

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