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Romantic Gifts for Her

All Occasion Romantic Gifts for the Lady in Your Life


When you know your budget and intention, but are out of ideas for the perfect gift, these carefully chosen gifts for her are sure to please. All of the romantic gifts listed are appropriate for any occasion - birthdays, Valentine's Day, anniversaries or holidays - and are available online to purchase anytime.

1. Wrapped Heart Pendant Necklace

Gold engraved heart locket
Isabelle Lafrance Photography/Moment/Getty Images

A double sided, heart-shaped locket to hold a photo of the two of you or anything else the heart desires. A beautiful and thoughtful romantic gift, one that others will ask her about who gave it to her constantly.

More heart-themed jewelry ideas:

2. Luscious, Heart-Shaped Chocolates

Mahogany Box of Chocolates Carved with a Heart - Romantic Gifts for Her

Personalize this stunning mahogany box of twelve handcrafted chocolates with a golden heart and a heartfelt message of your choosing. And once the chocolates are gone, the box can be reused forever, perhaps to hold mementos of your relationship. But for those of you after a different kind of chocolate, here are some other chocolate gifts that could also be considered romantic:

3. Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Freshwater Pearl Bracelet - Romantic Gifts for Her Under $100

Twenty-five freshwater pearls are linked around a gorgeous stretch bracelet, joined together with 14K yellow gold beads. Measuring seven inches around, complete with free shipping, this is a gorgeous romantic gift for her, no matter what the reason.

Try some of these suggestions instead, if your gal has different tastes in jewelry:

4. Love of My Life Sculpture

Love Of My Life Wood Sculpture - Romantic Gifts

A beautiful, simple yet sure to be remembered wood carving of two figures united in love, sharing one heart. Handcarved by Bali's Nyoman Karsa. Make sure to order this one early if you can, because it ships directly from the artist in Indonesia.

More beautiful sculptures focused on love and romance:

5. Hand Carved Jewelry Box

Teak Handcarved Jewelry Box - Romantic Gifts

Classically Thai in its style and carving style, this teak jewelry box displays floral blossoms in the middle of swirling leaves. An added romantic touch to this beautiful gift is its velvet lining, complete with a special area for rings.

Other hand carved jewelry boxes:

6. Shawl

Wool Shawl - Romantic Gift for Her

As cozy as a warm embrace, a shawl is the perfect romantic gift to share before going out on the town, perhaps with some tickets to a show you've purchased in addition to a shawl. There are a great many shawls to choose from however, so perhaps these one of a kind treasures might suit your loved one even more:

7. Make Your Own Gift Box

Romantic Gifts for Women - The Fantasy Suite

To make a special day truly memorable think about either purchasing (Buy Direct) or creating your own romantic boxed set for your lady love. Some ideas to put in your own, unique package:

8. Get Really Creative!

I Love You Bean Gift - Romantic Stocking Stuffers

Think you can write your own romance novel, with you and your partner as the main characters? Sure, it may take a while, yet would your love ever forget the lengths you went to, to show her your love? (Buy Direct). Some more unusual ideas:

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