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Sexy Gifts for Her

Sensual and Unusual Gifts For The Lady In Your Life


Whether it is to arouse your partner, incite sensuality or bring your relationship to the next level, sexy gifts can provide your love with a myriad of opportunities and excitement. Try some of these ideas - from the everyday to the outrageous - and see how your sexy gift nudges the evolution of your relationship.

1. Erotic Magnet Poetry

Couple eating strawberries and cream in bed
DreamPictures/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Seduce your love by placing a couple of these little word magnets on their fridge one morning in an arrangement that would please and excite them. Alternatively, you can leave them seductive poetry on their fridge to tease them into guessing whatever it is you have planned for them later. Either way, this erotic magnet poetry kit is a fun way to inject some play into your relationship while still keeping things steamy. You could also try the Sexual Innuendo Kit (Buy Direct), Romance Kit (Buy Direct), or Mixed Up Pickup Lines Kit (Buy Direct).

2. Body Frosting

Chocoholics Body Frosting - Sexy Gifts

There is no doubting what your intentions are with this kind of sexy gift. A three pack of delicious sauces with a feather to tantalize yourself or your partner, these body frostings are meant to be enjoyed together.

3. Erotic Massage DVD

Erotic Massage DVD - Sexy Gifts

Coupled with perhaps other items on this sexy gift list, a DVD giving you ways, techniques and ideas to massage your partner to enhance your lovemaking is a lovely gesture. Plus, you can either buy it for yourself to learn the skills and later share with your partner, or watch it together and attempt the moves yourselves, later.

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4. Sexy Board Game

Strip Chocolate Couples Game

Although I normally wouldn't recommend game playing as a tool to create intimacy with your partner, using a board game specifically created to enhance your sexual connection can't be a bad thing. Most of these games come with everything you'll need for a night of seduction, although you may want to have some mood music and a romantic dinner prepared as well to set the stage.

5. Embroidered Baby Doll

Sequined Baby Doll - Sexy Gift for Her
Henry and June

There are few things that can tantalize like a great piece of lingerie, and they can be used as incredibly sexy gifts for the both of you to enjoy. This sequined baby doll is only one of hundreds of different choices, but its a great place to start. Available in purple, red and black, its specifically made for ease of fitting (and thus, no worries about getting the right size) while still providing ample sex appeal.

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6. NaughtiNano

NaughtiNano - Sexy Gift

How naughty is your partner's iPod? You'll find out with this very inventive, unusual and exciting toy. With two caps that can be interchanged easily, users can either play with this velvety vibrator using seven pre-arranged patterns, or they can plug the machine into their iPod to make it dance along with whatever song is playing. A very sexy gift for those in long distance relationships, as well as those fond of creating mix tapes that can move you in more ways than one.

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