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What is Gokon?



Gokon is a group dating activity, also called a kompa or compa party in Japan. Run by an organization or individually through social groups, attendees are invited by 'team' (gender), to ensure even numbers. Everyone meets at a pre-determined location, usually a bar or restaurant. Once assembled, everyone introduces themselves and gets to know the other gokon attendees, in the hopes of exchanging phone numbers at the end of the evening. Most attendees drink, eat, and then move on to another location before the evening is over, such as a karaoke bar. Not everyone attending a gokon will be single or available however, so many attendees will ask about one's relationship status.


The word gokon comes the Japanese words 'konpa' - a shin dig or get together for group members - and 'godo' - together, or connected. Some references state that compa (as opposed to kompa) comes from the English word, "companion".

Also Known As: group dating, kompa, compa,
Common Misspellings: goukan, gookan, gokan

"...gokon does give opportunities for the participants to talk to new people, see which participants feel the connection, then leaving some more time to find out if the couple has enough chemistry to see each other again." ~ Gokon Report #3: Gokon By the Book, Welcome To Tokyo Meet Market Blog

"For a gokon, generally one girl and one guy will reserve a location and agree to bring along a set number of their friends (of the same sex) for a combined date. The goal? Get your drink on and woo/be wooed. ~ iPhone Become Ice Breakers At Gokon Dating Parties, Japan Times Blog

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