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What Does Pansexual Mean?


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The term pansexual can take on a variety of different meanings depending on the social group, but it is generally defined as someone who is attracted to other people regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. The word pansexual is used as an inclusive term as opposed to bisexual, as bisexuality only refers to people liking both men and women, and does not including a wider variety of gender-neutral or gender-fluid terminology.

Pansexual can also refer to an organization, event or group. In this situation, pansexual is defined as meaning open or welcome to all genders and avoiding any references one's sexual orientation or gender.

Occasionally, pansexuality is defined as a person who displays their sexuality in many different ways, or as someone who is open to a variety of sexual activities, although both of these definitions have become rare.


The word pansexual comes from the greek prefix pan-, which translated means "all".

Also Known As: omnisexuality, omnisexual, gender-blind, heteroflexible


Pansexuals differ from bisexuals in that they are attracted to not just men and women, but also people who identify as transgendered, androgynous and/or gender fluid.

"Are you gay?" "Nah, I'm pan." "I've yet to hear that one, pan?" "Pansexual. It just means I'm attracted to the person, instead of their gender or gender identification."


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