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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Dating Couples


Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Personalize It

Personalized T Shirts - Last Minute Gift Ideas
Spread Shirts / Hinix Tees

For those of us who aren't creatively inclined, creating something personalized for our loved ones may take longer than the shipping for these products over at Spread Shirt (Buy Direct), which vary from the standard hoodie and t's to the more unusual doggie shirts and human shoes. Next day shipping is available, so if you're stuck for something special, you can always peruse the others users' designs and then custom-create from there. One of my favorite design choices is the tree heart pictured here, and created by Hinix Tees.

More personalized ideas:

  • iFrogz (Buy Direct) - Custom iPod cases, skins and earphones

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Send Them To School

Ravenswood School of Magic - Last Minute Gift Idea

But not just any school: the Ravensword School of Magic (Buy Direct) is for fans of Harry Potter who want to really engross themselves in the characters and storyline of an online similar to the very popular series. An all-ages online game that even offers a family plan, users can explore new worlds, collect magic cards and attempt to save Wizard City. This type of gift might be the perfect idea for a single parent with tween-aged kids, and is available to deliver on a moment's notice.

More online learning gift ideas:

  • Gamer Coach (Buy Direct) - live, in-video game lessons

Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea: Get Local

Boston Wine Expo - Last Minute Gift Ideas

When you really can't think of anything to get your girlfriend or boyfriend, try looking a little bit closer to home. Sometimes the best last minute gifts are right in your backyard, or in places you visit every single day. For instance, you could buy a weekend pass to a local wine expo for the both of you to enjoy together (More Info), foreign film festival or a season's pass at the theater or opera. For the more relaxed or last minute gift givers however, you may want to try something even easier and closer to home: 7/11. A quick trip the other day surprised me with the number of gifts I could purchase, day or night, just a block or two from my house.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: Consult a Genius

Ok, not a gift per say, and therefore why its at the end of this last minute Christmas gift list. But if you couldn't find anything that you thought was perfect for your sweetie, then perhaps Gift Genius can help. Every recipient, occasion and interest imaginable is listed here, along with "Trust Me, I'm Famous" suggestions (from those of us who have made it to some sort of who's who list) make this suggestion site a fantastic last minute gift finder. Move the sliders on the side of the page to further personalize your choices; I went from seeing a bacon of the month club, to a diamond plated foosball table, and then to a a travel package following Lawrence of Arabia's footsteps, just by slightly changing my options.

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