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Untrue.com Review

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Quite a few readers have asked me to take a peek at Untrue.com, a new, very explicit, and daring adults-only dating site for married folks looking to cheat on their partners. A cursory glance told me that I'd be remiss to recommend this site to anyone, and a deeper review only confirmed my intial response. Read on for more information, or please take some time to share your own experiences by reviewing it yourself below.

Overview from Untrue

"Bring the passion back to your life, even if you are married or in a committed relationship using our anonymous dating site. There are thousands of cheaters looking for no-strings-attached relationships, one-night stands, or married dating."

Note: Only adults welcome at Untrue.com, and even so, those not offended by very sexual or graphic images. On almost every page I was faced with pornography, even before signing up. Not work friendly in the least, and the coffee shop I plunked myself in while reviewing this site didn't appreciate my viewing Untrue there, either. You've been forwarded!

What an Untrue.com Membership Includes

Signing up with Untrue only takes a minute or so (email address and user name) before you have to confirm an email, and then fill in a few cursory details (what kind of relationship you want, whether you're male, female, a couple or group and which of the four you're after, and your age and location). After that, you're free to peruse the site, and see whose local.

For Non-US members, the search options for geographical location are limited. As well, I had numerous pop-ups by this point already, supposedly from other, very provocatively dressed female members, wanting to chat with me via video. By the time I got to my search list (in Canada, only searchable by city, a problem in larger metro areas), I was already frustrated. The members however seemed very real, and, there were more than a hundred to choose from, even though most hadn't uploaded a photo (not surprisingly, considering the nature of the site).

Members can search freely however, and if you don't mind the constant popups, quite comprehensive. You can also sign up for (free) SMS and/or email messages, letting you know you've got someone interested, contacting you, or sending you photo or video access.

Trying to find out what a (paid) membership actually includes however was a challenge. From what I can tell, women don't pay at Untrue, whereas the men do (see below for fees). Every time I went to look at my account and upgrade my membership, I was presented with the vague, "You are trying to access an area of the site which is unavailable."

There are also live cam viewing options, as well as videos - but both forwarded me to pornographic sites related to, but not actually the dating site I was on. Live chat offers free video chatting options; at the time I went in there, 143 people were chatting from around the world, with only 6 female members, and 3 of those using a web cam.

Unique Features of Untrue.com

Untrue.com Policy Notes

Before I even signed up for Untrue, I looked at their privacy policy and terms, and it didn't take long for me to find a few concerning pieces of information, if standard these days for many well-known dating sites. So with that in mind, take a note of the following policies at Untrue:

  • By signing up, you give Untrue permission to use your photos, likeness, city, profile information, emails, instant messages and videos, even after/if you've left the service, and in perpetuity for whatever reasons they choose;
  • Information shared via forums and instant messages are not to be considered private (normal for most dating sites, but worth noting for an infidelity dating site);
  • "This Service is for Amusement Purposes, only."
  • "You understand, acknowledge, and agree that some of the user profiles posted on this site may be fictitious, and are associated with to our "Online CupidsTM", ("OC")." There's quite a bit more to this than what meets the eye, but I'm glad that Untrue states it up front for anyone wanting to learn more in their Terms section of the site. Most dating sites employ these tactics, but few state they do publicly. Essentially, these "members" aren't real people with photos taken from other places, and intended to "stimulate conversation" and/or encourage "further or broader participation."

Untrue.com Membership Costs

Untrue offers three different kinds of membership options. Basic offers exactly that, free access to very limited amounts of the site. A Premier membership costs $29.95 for 30 days of unlimited access, while "3-Month Premier Memberships" receive "full" access at $69.95 for 30 days. Please note that both paid memberships are automatically rebilled at the end of your payment term, and cannot be refunded. You'll want to set a note to yourself the day beforehand to cancel if that's your intention, and call Untrue to do so.

Untrue Bottom Line

Do I recommend Untrue? No. Although the site is well laid out, easy to use (other than the continuous popups) and very open about their use of your information after signing up, I found this use of information concerning considering the nature of this site, as well as the numerous complaints I've received from readers. Much better options for married folks wanting something on the side include Loving Links (not reviewed), Fling.com and Ashley Madison.

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Disclosure: The company provided did not provide free access to this service for review purposes. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.
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Fake out!, Member islandhopper5

i joined for the 3 month deal at 69 dollars, within 3 months time I had no dates just request! I figured in the 2nd month that someone is posting pics of girls around the world who they would pay for pics or something , then post them on the website as possible dates! while some guy or other girl fills my head with BS. I never put my pic on the site cause I personally don`t trust any sites that ask you to do so! but , I cancelled after 3 months and I`m glad I did. That site to me is Bogus Bolarky! and is a scam for your money! nice pics of very hot women but absolutely no contact!! all they wanted to do was chat! that's all I paid for and I know if I did chat that I could be talking to Broom Hilda! or some MALE FIGURE PRETENDING TO BE A WOMAN!! oh well live and learn! but don`t go there any more!

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