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Sexy Games for Couples

Games For Adults To Play With Their Partner


Romantic Sensations

Romantic Sensations Sexy Game for Couples
Using all five senses, this couples game offers two adults a night of sensual passion via a matching card game, where each card tells one member of the couple to do something intimate, such as give a body massage or whisper sweet nothings. Comes with one deck of cards, massage lotion, bath gel and instructions.

Sex Casino

Sex Casino Sexy Couples Game
An unusual couples game intended for the bedroom only, and thus, only for adults. Take a night together and turn it into a sexy evening for two using this all-inclusive casino-like game with 25 couples games, scratch and win cards, betting chips, naughty dice and a spinner.


Sexdrive Couples Game
Meant to educate players about sex-related topics, Sexdrive focuses on a driving or racing car analogy throughout, getting people to begin at the "Outer Course", move to the "Inner Sanctum". The game play gets more risque as it moves forward, starting with merely answering questions and then slowly having players act out what they know, do or see.

1001 Nights of Grrrreat Sex Game

1001 Nights of Great Sex Game
Based on the book by the same name, 1001 Nights of Grrrreat Sex focuses on connecting with your partner through secret, sealed surprises and sexual trivia. Meant to be used twice a week for a year to keep things hot and steamy between you and yours.

Strip Chocolate

Strip Chocolate Couples Game
Intended for two adults, Strip Chocolate takes board games to a whole new level, as evidenced by the chocolate body frosting and paintbrushes this sexy game comes with. Players roll the die to move around the board, and are asked to choose cards from the two suggestive decks.

1000 Sexy Games

1000 Sexy Games
With this inexpensive sexy game compilation, you'll be sure to always have a great couples game on hand. Includes ten foreplay cards, ten plot twist cards, ten passion cards, eleven sex cards, two absolute indulgence cards, one sexy tongue twisters card, one flatter me card, one stripping chart card, one spinner, two dice, one activity die, one body part die, and 1000 sexy games how-to.

The Card Game For Lovers

Lovers Card Game - Couples Game
Intended for two players only, The Card Game For Lovers is simple: each player takes turns choosing one card from the deck, and then doing whatever the card suggests - and each card includes hints and an applicable 'playing time'. For couples with about two hours to spare, it might be a fun, sexy game to explore together.

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