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Sexy Games for Couples

Games For Adults To Play With Their Partner


I wouldn't normally recommend playing games with your partner as a good thing, but there are instances when a sexy game specifically created for couples to enjoy together comes in handy -- such as nights at home when the power is out, or when you want to inject a bit of levity and excitement into your relationship. So with this in mind, here are my favorite sexy games for couples, mostly intended for those in long-term relationships to enjoy, together.

A Hot Affair - With Your Partner

A Hot Affair With Your Partner Sexy Game
An intimate, sexy couples game meant to turn up the heat in your relationship. Three levels of play as decided by the couple playing A Hot Affair, the cards include categories such as 'Intimate', 'Passionate', 'Steamy' and 'Fantasy'. The winner gets to choose which fantasy they want to play out together at the end of the game. A Hot Affair is definitely worth a serious look for couples wanting to reconnect with one another.

Advanced SEX Techniques

Advanced SEX Game For Couples
Think of Advanced SEX Techniques as a Twister-like game for foreplay and sexual intercourse with your partner. Spin the dial and find out what you'll be doing together in three categories: sensual foreplay, erotic foreplay and sexual positions.

Consenting Adults

Consenting Adults Sexy Game For Couples
Couples can decide just how risky they want to get with Consenting Adults, a sexy game that asks questions of its users to see just how far they want to go. Cards include suggestions in four action categories: 'Kiss', 'Tell', 'Show', or 'Touch', and the winner gets to choose a 'gift of time' where the couple can enjoy something fun and exciting together.

Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds Couples Game
A game that can be used for two couples or just you and your partner solo, Dirty Minds is a sexy game that gets everyone thinking they've got more on their mind than the events at hand. Not intended for those who blush easily, although definitely one of the more tame couples games on this list.

Discover Your Lover

Discover Your Lover Sexy Couples Game
Get to know your partner better through exciting, racy, daring and sometimes shocking questions and tasks, intended to bring the two of you closer together sexually, emotionally and romantically. The winner in turn asks their partner to fulfill their "ultimate desire" in adults-only fashion.

Fan The Flames

Fan the Flames - Sexy Games for Couples
Another adults-only sexy game, Fan the Flames takes romance, sensuality and fantasy to a whole new level. Each of the two players are asked at the beginning of the game to write down something they'd enjoy doing to their partner should they win the game, thus "Fanning the Flames" of romance and desire. Then, each person moves through their own to-do list, via rolling the die, picking appropriate cards and answering the questions - which are specifically written to allow both players the opportunity to answer playfully or more intimately.

Live Out A Fantasy Secret Agent Kit

Secret Agent Kit - Sexy Couples Game
Find out what your lover truly desires with this luxurious couples game. One agent has a 'secret' of a sexual nature, and its the goal of the other agent to find out what it is exactly, using some very erotic tools of the trade. Not for shy couples, or those who haven't already decided to have sex. Also intended for adults only.

Loaded Questions - Adult Version

Loaded Questions Adult Couples Game
Intended as an IQ-type board game but with all of the questions focused on sexual trivia, this couples game should be played with three to six *adult* players, and comes with a board, dice, and cards to choose category questions from. Looks like a promising couples game to choose when you've got friends over who aren't terribly shy.

Lust! An Adult Couples Game

Lust! Adult Couples Game
With more than 30,000 different variations, Lust! is sure to excite even the most lengthy of relationships. With each roll of the die, the two adult-only players move along the game board, pulling cards that depict explicit sexual techniques to be tried and shared with one's partner. The first person to reach the end must then initiate the sequence suggested on the Love Making card. Comes with game board, twenty romance cards, twenty sensuality cards, twenty body language cards, forty love making cards, two game markers, one die, and game instructions.


Nookii - Sexy Couples Game
An adult game definitely meant for consenting adults over the age of majority, and intended for two players. Each person gets three stacks of cards (one each of Ooh, Mmm, and Ahh) and are asked to roll the dice to see just how long they'll do whatever the card they've pulled asked them to. Also comes with a do not disturb sign, purple scarf, two dice and a timer.

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