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IQ Based Dating Sites - Intelligent Dating Sites

Looking for someone with a certain IQ for a date? Prefer to seek our partners that are intelligent? Then try one of these niche dating sites that cater to those with mensa-like IQ's, or merely folks with higher than average intelligence.

Intelligent Dating Network Dating Site Review
Interested in the Intelligent Dating Network, but want to know more before signing up, including fees, membership benefits and potential drawbacks? Find out here.

Doc Dates
Specializing in matching up singles with Master's level or higher educational designations.

Good Genes
Matching successful post secondary graduates with others that have similar credentials.

Intellect Connect
Looking to facilitate meetings of the minds between intelligent singles.

Intelligent People
A very difficult IQ test needs to be passed in order for users to join this smarty-pants dating site.

A social networking and dating site for those with higher than average IQs.

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