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When Will He Call For A Second Date?

Dating Question About How Long A Second Date Phone Call Should Take


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Q: We had a great first date two weeks ago, but I haven't heard from him since about a second date. When will he call?

A: It is always difficult to wonder after a first date if the other person enjoyed themselves as much as you did. You laughed, shared some time together and maybe even some affection or sparky spark. But what next?

There are a couple of reasons why your amazing first date may not have called after two weeks: he wasn't interested and didn't feel comfortable saying so, he was already dating someone else and chose to pursue things with them, he got really busy at work and lost track of time, or he didn't think you enjoyed yourself or weren't interested.

Of the four options, two work in your favor and two don't. The only way you'll know which applies to you is if you contact him. Send him a quick note or make a phone call (however the two of you arranged the first date is an appropriate way of making contact again), and let him know you had a great time with him the other day. Apologize for not getting back to him sooner saying you've been really busy, and your weekend is shaping up to be interesting too with your plans for some event that turns your fancy. Then, leave it up to the gent to reply.

If he does reply, you've basically given him a ticket to join you at whatever event you've suggested - without actually asking him out. If he doesn't get it but responds positively, you can always casually say, "Maybe you'd like to join me?"

If the guy doesn't reply in a day or two, you know its time to move on. Still, don't hold your breath waiting for the guy to reply. If he was really into you, he'd have made a point already to touch base again in the past two weeks. Its most likely time to move on, but if you really feel he was something special, the suggestions above will let him know you're still interested without coming off as desperate.

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