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Season One The Pickup Artist Recaps

VH1's The Pickup Artist, Starring Mystery


The Pickup Artist VH1 Screenshot

The Pickup Artist VH1 Screenshot

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The Pickup Artist Episode 1, Season 1

Eight lonely and single men are looking to learn some lessons about the opposite sex. They meet in Austin, Texas, to get tips from one of the best pick up artists ever: a man known as Mystery (aka The Mystery Method and star of Neil Strauss' tell-all pick up book, "The Game"). After getting to know each gent individually, Mystery and his two point men watch the guys get their game on in the club. Then, they show everyone how a pickup artist really works. Read more...

The Pickup Artist Episode 2, Season 1

Eight guys still remain, because Mystery didn't have the heart to send anyone home before they'd met a real challenge. So after the requisite makeovers and a lesson in pick up artistry, the guys are sent back to the club to try their newly learned openers - but one guy doesn't make it and is sent home. Read more...

The Pickup Artist Episode 3, Season 1

Seven guys remain. This week's challenge? To entertain a bunch of preschool girls with their own personal rendition of Goldilocks. The winner of the challenge received a free one-on-one with Mystery, and then the guys are sent back to the bar to use their newest tactic: the 'neg', otherwise known as an offhanded (or negative) compliment.

The Pickup Artist Episode 4, Season 1

There are only six men left in the pickup artist competition, and this week's focus is all about the kiss. First the guys get some kissing lessons from a couple of lovely ladies, and then are squared off against each other in a kissing competition, where the winner receives an ear bud to get live-time assistance from Mystery in the club, and one guy goes home after he fails the kiss close challenge.

The Pickup Artist Episode 5, Season 1

Five guys remain for this week's face-off, which deals with body image issues. First off Mystery throws a pool party to get the guys more comfortable in their own skin, and then they must learn to meet women outside of the bar and in the light of day - in a coffee shop. Another elimination takes place at the end of the show.

The Pickup Artist Episode 6, Season 1

And then there were four. Lingerie is the word of the week, where the guys' ability to listen is challenged. A major fight between two of Mystery's students ensues, but not before another guy is eliminated in an instant date challenge.

The Pickup Artist Episode 7, Season 1

The last three contestants are shown how to pick up women who are used to being picked up because of their line of work, aka strippers, waitresses and baristas. There are two challenges this week: one in a gentleman's club, and another on the street and on the fly.

The Pickup Artist Episode 8, Season 1

The finale episode, where the Master Pickup Artist is crowned and wins the $50,000 grand prize. All of the prior weeks' lessons are put to the test and the last two gents are sent out on the town with Mystery and his wingmen. One final challenge remains, which determines the winner.

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