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Cohabitaton is a huge decision. Know what steps come before cohabitation and how to keep your relationship strong.

Before You Move In Together
Make sure you're ready to take the plunge with these helpful ideas and suggestions - or add your own thoughts and experiences.

Are You Ready To Live Together Quiz
Wondering if its time to move in together or if you should wait a bit longer?

Why Hasn't He Proposed?
When you're aching to walk down the aisle, waiting for a marriage proposal from the man you're dating can seem like an eternity. But even if its frustrating, there's usually a good answer for why your guy is digging in his heels. Here are the most probable reasons why he hasn't proposed, along with some suggestions to make the wait easier.

Cohabiting Seniors -- Reasons Senior Couples Say No to Marriage
A list of reasons why some seniors are choosing to continue dating and cohabitate instead of getting married.

Cohabitation Facts and Statistics
From the About.com Guides to Marriage, some statistics about living together.

Gay Men: Before We Live Together
Everything you need to discuss or consider before moving in with your gay male lover.

5 Money Rules for Cohabitation
A business and financial advisor offers suggestions on how to make cohabitation smoother for the both of you financially.

Should I Move In With My Partner?
Share your ideas and stories about how you decided whether living together was the next step in your relationship.

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