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More Ways To Meet New People

Try These Ways To Meet Single People


Meeting new people can be tough, especially if you don't have a large circle of friends, family or coworkers that can assist in greasing your networking wheel. So for those looking for new ways to meet new people, or for anyone in need of a jump start to their dating life, try some of these suggestions to get your social life back on track.

1. Vacation On A Singles Cruise

If you plan on going on vacation anyway, a singles cruise wouldn't be a bad idea. You may have to pay a singles' supplement (see Before You Go On a Singles Cruise for more information), but many of the singles cruises catering to singles have set fares that allow you to either have your own room, or they pair you up with another single of the same sex to save you both some cash. Try these companies to search for cruises that cater to singles:

2. Text To Meet New People

Strange to some, but definitely works for the under 35 set who use their cell phones for everything -- including meeting and hooking up with other singles. The premise is simple: you join online or via your cell phone, create a mini profile, and then search through other available singles in your geographic area and contact them by text message. Some companies offer roaming options for travelers, and others let you connect with people hanging out in the same place as you (great for those bored at the coffee shop or bar, provided there are other interested users nearby). More established in the U.K. and U.S. than anywhere else right now, meeting new people through your mobile phone might be worth your while (just watch out for the charges).

3. Join A Technology-Based Dating Site

By technology, I don't meet niche dating sites that cater to Star Trek lovers or other niche groups. Rather, I mean dating sites that use new and unusual technologies to connect their users with one another in fun, interesting and usually very quick ways. Each site has a personality and schtick all its own, and most are free for now, as they move through their beta testing phases and work out the kinks. Some to try:
  • Woo Me: Could be on a 'date' in less than a minute through this online speed dating site.
  • Crazy Blind Date: Want a random blind date set up by a total stranger? Then go here.

4. Try Speed Dating

Ok, so speed dating has been around since the late 80's, but there is no better way to meet single people in a short period of time face to face. Plus, your date won't last more than a couple of minutes at most, so even if it tanks completely, you'll be done with it faster than you think. To increase your chances at success, I suggest the ladies wear red, and the men keep a bit of stubble, as the links to both will show they increase attractiveness in the opposite sex.
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