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Meet Someone Myths


Many of us have a set of personal myths we carry around with us that may hold us back from meeting someone new. Do any of the following four myths sound familiar to you?

1. Meet Someone Myth #1: "All the good ones are taken."

Statistics abound regarding the lack of eligible singles in any given geographical area today, but so do reports showing the exact opposite.

The fact of the matter is this: your concern about meeting eligible, potential partners isn't a numbers game. Whether or not you find your dream mate has nothing to do with statistics and everything to do with how much you want a serious relationship, and how much time and energy you are willing to invest in finding one.

2. Meet Someone Myth #2: "There are no decent ways/places to meet people anymore."

This meet someone myth is a perfect example of a very commonly used tactic with singles that are unwilling to take responsibility for their lack of dating prospects. By saying there are no good ways to meet people, singles can protect themselves from all of the desires and fears that accompany any attempts at a relationship.

When it comes down to it, where you meet people isn't really the issue. Actually getting out and meeting new people, is. It doesn't matter what methods you use, it only matters that you do something –- anything –- to bring more potential partners into your life.

3. Meet Someone Myth #3: "I don't want to look desperate.

In order to attract love, you'll need to make it known that you have a relationship goal, and that your intentions are to turn it into reality. This philosophy is called the Law of Attraction, where what you believe is what you achieve. Therefore, if you yearn for a positive relationship, then you'll attract it into your life.

Attracting someone into your life for more than friendship isn't an act of desperation;– it's an act of self-love. Each and every one of us deserves a fulfilling partnership, and the first step of that process is meeting someone new.

4. Meet Someone Myth #4: "I never meet anyone __fill in the blank__."

There is nothing wrong with having realistic relationship expectations, and in some circumstances they are incredibly important. For instance, you may be a recovering alcoholic, so heavy drinkers are out of the question. But for the most part, requiring a checklist of 'perfect' traits is a way of controlling outcomes, not a way to finding love. In order to meet new people, you'll need to change your attitudes about all of the potential partners that surround you instead of complaining about your specific set of circumstances.

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