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Company Name:

Contact Information:

There are six SinglesPlus locations throughout the Southeastern US, each with their own address and contact information, although their toll free number, 1-800-471-4883, works for all offices.

Geographic Area Served:

SinglesPlus offers matchmaking services to residents of the following areas: Augusta - Georgia, Columbia - SC, Savannah - Georgia, Jacksonville - Florida, Mt. Pleasant - South Carolina, and Myrtle Beach - SC.

In Business Since:

There is no mention on the SinglesPlus website as to how long they've been in business, although their website copyright information states 2010. I started receiving user reviews of SinglesPlus in November of 2010.

Membership Fees:

Users have sent in reviews stating they've paid $4000 for services, but as of yet have not stated what those fees included or for how long. No mention of costs are made on the SinglesPlus website, although they do state in their FAQ: "There is no charge for the interview. The membership offered will depend on you and what your relationship consultant discuss during the meeting. One thing we can promise is we very seldom let money stand in the way of allowing someone who is genuine and sincere about developing a relationship."

Target Members:

Unsure. The SinglesPlus website shares success stories of former clients ranging in age from 28 to 81.


SinglesPlus offers personalized matchmaking services to singles in some Southeastern US states. The SinglesPlus website states their matchmakers have a combined twenty-five years of matchmaking experience, and are committed to using their contemporary compatibility matching service to assist singles find love.

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