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Crush or Flush Mobile Dating Review

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Crush or Flush

Crush or Flush

Icebreaker, Inc.
One of the more unique SMS dating sites, Crush or Flush only lets you contact the people who you've crushed and who have crushed you back. Plus, if you are over 18 and in the US, this service is most likely available, with international options to follow soon. **Note: as of early 2011, CrushOrFlush.com stopped working. No word as to why the site was taken down.**

Overview from Crush or Flush

"Crush or Flush is a fun, safe, and easy way to meet people, chat, and stay in contact with friends using your cell phone or your computer (PC or Mac)."

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How Crush or Flush Works

Signing up with Crush or Flush takes mere minutes. Send a text message to CRUSH (27874) on your cell phone, or sign up via their dating app. Upload a photo, create your own personal description, add some tags that tell users who you are, and you're done.

Next, take a peek at some of the local users in your geographic area. If they seem interesting to you - crush them. If not, flush them. No one will ever know they've been flushed so don't feel bad if you find someone less than desirable. Plus, users who have few 'flushes' make it to the week "unflushable" list, posted on the main page of the Crush or Flush website every week.

No personal information is exchanged through crushing or flushing people to ensure each users' safety.

Once someone you've crushed has crushed on you, you'll be able to contact them directly through a text message - again without any other contact information other than what's provided through the Crush or Flush interface.

Unique Features of Crush or Flush SMS Dating

If one person has flushed another, there is no way for either user to contact each other. This way, you aren't receiving a million text messages from random users at all hours of the day and night.

Users can also 'pimp' either their own profiles or the site in general by adding one of a multitude of different photos and links from the site to their blog, website or social networking profile (such as Xanga, MySpace or Hi5).

Crush or Flush SMS Dating Membership Costs

Strangely, there are no membership costs listed anywhere on the Crush or Flush website. That doesn't mean the service is free however! It just means Crush or Flush hasn't adequately documented their service fees - yet. The only indicator there are any fees whatsoever came after submitting my cell phone number to sign up for their service, where I received a note stating, "Your cell phone company may charge you their normal mobile Internet and text messaging fees."

User Reviews

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 5 out of 5
thanks, Member teresalyn495

i am so thankful for crush or flush because i found the love of my life. he is a great man, i would not ask for anyone any better. we talked on site, texted, then called each other. he came across the country to be here and i am so glad i met him. i definately recommend this site to everyone who believe love can happen. we are very happy. the happiest i heave ever been.

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