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I Love Texting Mobile Dating Review **Closed**

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Although one of the more expensive mobile dating companies out there, I Love Texting may be a decent choice for singles 18 and over who can't get other SMS dating companies through their cell phone carrier. Note: I Love Texting went out of business in late 2011.

Overview from I Love Texting

"iLoveTexting.com is a new mobile community that allows you to Text, flirt and date with thousands of hot singles in your area right now. Search profiles and connect with many interesting people using your cell phone."

How I Love Texting Works

To join I Love Texting, sign up on their website to receive a specialized code transmitted through your cell phone. Take that code and punch it into the website and you are ready to start using the system.

When receiving a profile, text FLIRT to I Love Texting to receive the text message. This safety feature is only utilized the first time someone text messages you, so that you don't have to accept a message (and therefore pay) from someone you aren't even remotely interested in.

To get help, text HELP to 90459 at any time. To cancel your account and the subscription fees, text STOP to 90459.

Unique Features of I Love Texting

I Love Texting offers mobile dating features to cell phone subscribers on the Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, At&T, Dobson & Cellular One, Alltel and T-Mobile® networks, which is more than any other SMS dating service.

There is a monthly fee to use I Love Texting, plus a fee for each text message received - but not sent.

I Love Texting Membership Costs

For cell phone users subscribed to Cingular, Sprint, Nextel, At&T, Dobson & Cellular One, Alltel and T-Mobile®, the monthly subscription fee is $9.99 USD. There is also a $1.99 USD fee for each message you receive through the system, but no fee for any messages sent.

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