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Meet Moi Review

Review of Services Provided at Meet Moi

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People of all sexual orientations can use Meet Moi's simple and straightforward services to meet local singles with their cell phone. A slick graphical interface, attentive customer service and low cost make this a mobile dating company worth looking into.

Overview from Meet Moi

"MeetMoi makes dating effortless and intriguing. A casual flirt with a local single? A mobile Roamance™? An easy way to chat or meet up with interesting people like yourself? Sure."

How Meet Moi Works

Meet Moi

Meet Moi

Meet Moi

From what I can tell, MeetMoi is available to anyone with a smartphone who is willing to download the application. Having said that, it was only recently opened up to folks outside of the US (and my initial review of the service stated as much). I live in Canada however, and had no issue signing up - but only found two folks within a 50 mile radius, and no one within a 25 mile radius. Everyone within a 100 mile radius lived in the US.

Otherwise, anyone can sign up for MeetMoi without paying any fees. Creating a profile, searching others nearby using whatever criteria you'd like, and chatting are all free, but if you'd like to connect further, you'll have to pay. After downloading the free dating app, you input your specific criteria and location for a potential date, and MeetMoi starts looking for suitable singles. When they find someone, they send you a note, and you can either flirt with, or contact the other person directly without ever divulging your personal information or cell number. I found the signup process straightforward, and it took me mere minutes to get started.

Unique Features of Meet Moi

Free access to MeetMoi includes the ability to chat with "Intros" who live near your current location, browse and search for singles, and the ability to send a wink to those people you're interested in getting to know better. Once you pay for MeetMoi by upgrading, all of the same features exist, but then you can contact others and read messages from other members and will receive "priority placement" when someone searches for another single like you.

MeetMoi also has some interesting additions I've yet to find elsewhere, such as the "Wingman" feature, where you can invite friends, and the "Reconnect" feature, where you'll find all of the folks you've interacted with, that you may want to reconnect with.

Meet Moi Membership Costs

Meet Moi's Wingman Feature

Meet Moi's Wingman Feature

Meet Moi

Downloading the MeetMoi app costs nothing. However, using text messaging features usually incur a cost with your cell phone provider, so check with them first.

When you find someone you'd like to chat with, you'll need to sign up to make contact. A one month membership costs $19.99 USD, a three month membership $11.99/month ($35.97), or a six month membership $7.99/month($47.94), all billed at once.

Have you used Meet Moi? What did you think of their service, features, and benefits? Share your story with other readers by filling out a dating app review form.

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