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Zogo Review

Review of Free Mobile Phone Dating Services Provided at Zogo

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In 2005, Zogo was the only free mobile phone dating service available, however it stopped offering free mobile dating in 2012, and the company has yet to determine what it's next steps. Zogo was a fully-functioning texting option for singles looking for love, romance, or a hookup in their geographic area. The following refers to the offerings available at the time of review in 2008.

Overview from Zogo

"Zogo means instant connection. Using our matching technology, two interested people can quickly find each other. No volley of wordy e-mails over several days or weeks. No more waiting. With Zogo, you can hook up right away!"

How Zogo's Free Mobile Phone Dating Works

Interested singles text message 46876 (INTRO) to sign up from their mobile phone, or use the Zogo website. Any text messages should include the words JOIN or ENROLL, your sex, the nickname you choose, and your zip code.

Preferences (such as religious beliefs and geographic locations) can be set up from Zogo's phone dating website.

Once you find someone in a search that you are interested in, either invite them to speak with you, or add them to your favorites. Alternately, you can text INVITE -username- (with their user name listed) to 46876 (INTRO). The person you sent a note to will receive a text message of their own, letting them know you'd like to talk. The respondent has 24 hours to say yay or nay to your message.

If the respondent says yes, you'll both get another text message telling you -username- wants to talk now, and is that okay? If it is, type ACCEPT, and if not, DECLINE. The other member will be told of your choice. Declining can simply mean it's a bad time to talk, but try again later.

Once both parties are ready and willing to talk, you'll receive a phone call on your cell phone, with (212) 330-7609 as the caller ID, as will the other party.

Unique Features of Zogo

Zogo is a completely free mobile phone dating service, of which there are currently no others at this time.

Instead of providing for contact through text messaging, Zogo provides users who are interested in each other with a safe, non-traceable phone call directly to your cell phone.

Zogo Membership Costs

Zogo charges no fees to use its mobile phone dating services, although your cell phone provider may, depending on your terms of service and availability of mobile browsing and text messaging features.

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