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Top Dating Games

Games For Dating Couples Or Singles


Games specifically geared towards singles, folks who want to learn more about dating, or newly dating couples are on the rise - and why not? Couples games have been around for a lot longer, but with our newfound fascination with reality TV, dating games have taken the top of our must-see lists. So for those of you wanting to recreate some of the fun you see online, learn something new about your friends, or just find out more about the rules of dating, here are a few great dating games to explore.

Dating Game: Worst Case Scenario Card Game - Dating & Sex Version

Worst Case Scenario Dating and Sex Card Game - Dating Game
If you're the kind of person who loves to talk about the bad dates you've been on, or are pessimistic about dating in general, then the Worst Case Scenario Card Game might be up your alley. Based on the book by the same name, this tongue in cheek and very sarcastic card-based dating game is sure to make you laugh, and teach you a few useful tricks - like how to figure out if your date is an axe murderer.

Dating Game: Battle Of The Sexes

Battle Of The Sexes Dating Game
Boys against girls in this all-out dating game! How well do you know the opposite sex is the question tested in this trivia-based party for 2-6 players (or teams). Wild cards can essentially dare the folks of the opposite sex to do something fun, naughty, or not so nice.

Dating Game: Compatibility

Compatibility Dating Game
Compatibility is a unique dating game - or really for any group of people connected to one another via friendship or otherwise - to see just how in tune with each other you are. Teams of two compete against other teams, where each team member is given a set of cards to use to see what they feel denotes the word or idea at hand. Teams that match items - whether in the same range or general area - are given points to move along the scoreboard. An unusual twist on the normal dating game, but sure to please all sorts of board game fans.

Dating Game: Man Laws and Women Rules Game

Man Laws and Women Rules Dating Game
Similar to Scruples, this card-based dating game asks two or more players if they believe in, adhere to or think certain sex based stereotypes are valid and worth following. Players vote on the ridiculousness of the 'laws' presented, and are encouraged to discuss the findings. Definitely a conversation starter of a dating game.

Dating Game: Pick Up Lines Game

Pick Up Lines The Dating Game
How slick are your pickup lines? This dating games tests the ones you've got and gives you a bunch more to try out on the other players that partake. Play solo or in a team, and earn kisses for each round you win.
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