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Cheap Gift Ideas for Dating Couples


Racking your brain trying to think of the perfect cheap gift for a loved one? And by cheap, I don't mean cheap - but rather something inexpensive yet still touching. No matter what the occasion - birthday, holiday, or just because - these cheap gifts under $30 are perfect for the budget-conscious dater, or for those in new relationships (i.e. three months or less).

Cheap Gift Idea #1: Muscle Soak

Woman holding wrapped gift
Daniel Allan/Cultura/Getty Images

Do you have a hardworking loved one in need of some tender loving care? A soak in the tub or a massage with this therapeutic muscle rub in either will be sure to please both aching bodies and minds alike.

Cheap Gift Idea #2: Tea Starter Set

IngenuiTEA - Cheap Gifts
Adagio Teas
Instead of a bottle of wine, why not give your special someone tea instead? Tea lasts longer, provides ample opportunity to try a variety of different types to suit one's specific palate, and is a cheap gift that keeps on giving well after the date of receipt. This Tea Starter Set from Adagio Teas provides four canisters of tea, a guide to tea, and a brewing pot.

Cheap Gift Idea #3: Moleskin Mini Notebooks

Moleskin Mini Notebooks - Cheap Gifts
These smaller and seemingly innocuous bound books are an inexpensive yet thoughtful way of telling your date you think their work is comparable to the other great artists who also used Moleskins: Matisse, Hemmingway and Van Gogh. Three mini notebooks come ready to use with an explanation as to their history for less than $10.

Cheap Gift Idea #4: Office Space Kit

Office Space Kit - Cheap Gifts
For the date who works in an office but isn't thrilled about it comes the Office Space Kit, created using memorable moments from the movie Office Space. Complete with a red stapler only to be used for those TPS Reports, a Jump To Conclusions Mat, and one piece of flair to show just how much Mondays are appreciated, this quirky yet fun gift is unusual, inexpensive, and a great conversation piece -- because everyone at their office will be asking, "Who gave that to you?!" and they'll be able to reply, proudly, "My boyfriend/girlfriend."

Cheap Gift Idea #5: Carnivorous Garden

Carnivorous Garden - Cheap Gifts

Started from seed, this unusual cheap gift may prove to be more interesting than many a video game. This ten piece garden gift comes with a terrarium, potting mix, a growers' guide and seeds to grow your own carnivorous plants, such as the sundew plant, venus flytrap and purple pitcher plant.

Cheap Gift Idea #6: Northern Light Spheres

Fairy Dust Balls - Cheap Gifts

A little bit of magic makes these Northern Light Spheres glow at night. Well, okay, maybe it's the phosphorescence inside of them (which needs a full day of sunlight to "recharge"). Still, for those still in the magical first months of a new relationship, a little bit more sparkle surely can't hurt.

Cheap Gift Idea #7: Magazine Subscriptions

Slavomir Ulicny

Depending on your budget and your intended's interests, you can easily purchase several magazine subscriptions on their behalf for less than $25, or one subscription or less than $10. Plus, magazines give back more than just once, as every time your date receives an issue, they'll immediately think of the person who bought it for them, and be thankful.

Cheap Gift Idea #8: Vibrating Massage Pod

Massage Pod - Cheap Gifts
As soon as you press this massage pod to a body part, it starts to vibrate, soothing sore muscles and relaxing frazzled nerves. Why not buy it for your sweetie, and offer to use it on them right away? Three colors to choose from: green, blue or violet.

Cheap Gift Idea #9: Caffeine

Shower Shock Caffeinated Soap - Cheap Gift Idea

Does your partner need a jolt of something-something before getting up in the morning and facing their day? Then help them out with one of these inventive caffeinated perks.

Cheap Gift Idea #10: Stylophone Pocket Synth

Stylophone Cheap Gift Idea

In 1967, a miniature, pen operated microsynthesizer was invented called the Stylophone, and several huge musicians (think David Bowie and Erasure) took it on as an instrument of choice. More than forty years ago we didn't have smartphones, PDAs or even personal computers, but we did have the stylophone. Give your sweetie this retro (and super-affordable) instrument, and see what kind of music the two of you make.

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