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Online Dating

Covering all of your online dating information needs, such as how to write an online personal ad, what web dating sites to use based on your wants and needs, and online dating safety tips to keep you alert and aware.
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How To Date Online
For those who have never met someone using an internet dating site, this is the place to start. From finding a website to setting up a profile and then meeting in person, we`ve got it covered. Just be sure that you are ready to date before signing up with an internet dating site and jumping in.

How To Write an Online Dating Profile
Suggestions on how to write a captivating online dating profile to attract a date.

Dating Profile Don'ts
If you aren't getting the quantity of responses you'd hoped for after posting an online dating service profile, read these crucial tips for how to increase your odds quickly and dramatically.

How To Choose An Online Dating Service
More than nine million online dating services are vying for your attention. Learn how to decide which ones are the best for you.

Dating Site Fine Print
A quick checklist of the things to review prior to signing up for a dating site.

Finding a Safe Dating Personals Site
How to determine if a dating personals site has your safety in their best interest.

Have A Chat Before Meeting Someone From an Online Dating Site
The importance of chatting with someone you've met from an online dating site before meeting face to face.

Is Online Dating Just For Losers?

Eight Safe Online Dating Tips for Gays
Avoid problems by following these eight safe dating tips for gay men.

Dating Sites vs. Chat Rooms - Which Help Your Dating Efforts More?
Chime in and tell us to finally settle the debate.

How Do I Turn Off Winks and Flirts on a Dating Site?
Find out if, and how, you can turn off all sorts of attention-getting winks and icebreakers on your favorite dating site here.

How To Use OkCupid To Actually Meet Someone
Want to use OkCupid to benefit your dating needs? Review these in-depth tactics to change things up, now.

Why is Online Dating So Hard for Men?
Wondering why it's so hard to date as a dude? Get some practical tips and tricks to up your odds of meeting someone.

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