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Breaking Patterns & Moving On

Reflection as to why you've broken up, including any patterns associated with your break-up, is an important step of Dating Prep. Learn how to move on from past relationships, break dating patterns, whether or not to stay friends with your ex, and getting closure.

Essential Comforts for the Recently Broken Up
When you are in the middle of a breakup, you need comfort. Follow these first stage tactics for dealing with a breakup, and you will soon be ready for the next step.

Are You Over Your Ex? Quiz
Are you over your ex? Take this dating quiz and find out.

Dating Quiz: Are You Ready To Date Again?
Wondering if you are ready to date again? Then take this quick dating quiz and find out.

The Whys and Hows of Letting Go
Assess whether a relationship is enhancing your life, or negatively impacting it.

Moving On After a Divorce
Moving on after a divorce can be a struggle, but its not impossible. Learn how from our Guide to Divorce, Cathy Meyer.

Getting Back to Great
Assistance for getting back to being great after a difficult divorce.

Moving On
Suggestions for how to move on after a relationship ends from the About.com Guides to Marriage.

Moving On - Closure After a Breakup
A well-rounded list of Q&A's geared towards women dealing with the loss of a relationship, with a focus on moving on after a break-up.

Rules for Staying Friends - Gay/Lesbian Relationships
Some quick and simple rules (that should never be forgotten) if you want to eventually be friends with your ex. Although geared towards gay and lesbian relationships, these tips could easily apply to any type of partnering.

How to Break the Cycle of Bad Relationships
Detailing the ways in which women get stuck in a cycle of bad relationships, with ideas on how to move past them all and find something healthy and new.

How Do I Stop Thinking About Him?
How do you shake obsessive thoughts of a former love, even when you've both moved on?

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