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Great Boyfriends Dating Site Review

Play Cupid For Your Friends At Great Boyfriends.com

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It can be difficult to ask your friends if they know anyone that would be suitable for you to meet and perhaps go on a date with -- at best, its awkward. Great Boyfriends (and in turn, Great Girlfriends) offers a solution to this uncomfortable issue: get them to recommend you. The idea is that you'll only suggest singles that are highly desirable. With a surprising number of users and a relatively easy website to navigate, there are few downfalls to this site.

Overview from Great Boyfriends

"Who doesn’t know a great guy (or girl) who is shockingly, still single? Maybe it’s your best friend, your not-for-me ex, your adorable brother -- you get it.

Post them here and “set them up” with an equally cool, pre-approved date; i.e., no one makes it onto our A list unless a true friend like you signs ’em up. Because friends don’t let friends stay single."

What a Great Boyfriends Membership Entails

There isn't much to Great Boyfriends; users can search for other singles and reply to messages if they haven't paid the membership fee, whereas those who have can initiate contact with anyone. Users who contact a large number of people in a short period of time, or those who provide an email address in their first message to someone will have their account temporarily disabled until the customer service staff can investigate.

The only other point of note that differs from the standard dating profile sign up is that Great Boyfriends requires each users' full name and phone number - an unusual request, with no explanation as to why. (The site does not perform background checks).

Unique Features of Great Boyfriends

All users come recommended by someone - a friend, former lover, coworker, "wing woman", and even a "meddling sister-in-law", and the person who suggested each particular single is attached to their profile, so you can see for yourself its all for real.

Great Boyfriends doesn't have specific ages listed on the site, probably because when you're referring someone as an eligible bachelor/bachelorette, few people will know their exact age. With this in mind, the site categories users by the following categories: early 20s, middle 20s, late 20s, early 30s, mid/late 30s, early 40s, mid/late 40s, 50s, 60 and over.

Great Boyfriends Membership Costs

Singles and the friends who recommend them never need to pay for a membership to Great Boyfriends if they don't want to initiate contact with anyone, but if you'd like to start a conversation with another single that catches your eye, you'll need to cough up $20 a month USD, payable by credit card only. Anyone can respond to emails for free.

Make sure you read the fine print with Great Boyfriends; users are automatically billed $20 a month for the service, whether not they say anything about continuing their membership (which is relatively common with most online dating sites). There is a "Cancel My Subscription" button on the Account page for those wanting to stop the automatic billing process.

Finally, matchmakers (and anyone else) can give gift memberships to their friends or those they want to set up. As well, anyone who provides a testimonial to Great Boyfriends about how well the service suited their needs will receive a free month of service, which they can either use themselves or give to another member.

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