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Romantic Dinner Ideas


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In a recent survey here at About.com, the number one favorite cheap date idea was romantic dinner for two. But not all romantic dinner ideas need to be complicated with lots of fanfare, as the focus should be on the two of you and not how the meal was prepared or how much money went into it. So why not try one of these romantic dinner ideas one night this week - maybe as a themed dinner and a movie night? - to create romance and memories that will last a lifetime.

Romantic Dinner Necessity #1: Ambiance

Before you set the table or cook anything, you'll need to set the stage first. Make sure you've chosen at least one romantic idea to include in your evening, even if its something as simple creating romance with simple art or sending romantic text messages. You could also go all out and buy a small, cheap gift, conversation starting gift, romantic gift or even a sexy game to use later in the evening.

Romantic Dinner Idea: Fondue For Two

Is there anything more romantic than a fondue night? The melty goodness of traditional cheese fondue just screams romantic dinner idea, and it is a relatively easy meal to create. Just chop up some veggies and other fixings to dip, throw your fondue bits into a pot, and wait for the evening to begin. Some other romantic dinner ideas along these lines: Italian Cheese Fondue, Chocolate Fondue.

Romantic Dinner For Two: British Food

Warm Oysters in Chive Sauce or Prawn Cocktail can start the evening off. Venison Pie can round out the romantic dinner, then why not move on to either a Chocolate Cream or basic Shortbread to finish off the meal.

Inexpensive Romantic Dinner Idea

Not all romantic dinners are once a year, expensive affairs. Try one of these under $10 meals (for four) that might suit your palates: No Cook Meal, Cheesy Frittata, Chicken In Puff Pastry.

Dairy-Free Romantic Dinner

Just because one (or both) of you are lactose intolerant doesn't reduce the number of romantic dinner ideas you can come up with - it just means getting a bit more creative. Try a Dairy-Free Seafood Meal, Vegan Romantic Dinner, or a Dairy-Free Chicken Cordon Bleu meal.

Southern Flare Romantic Dinner Ideas

A southern-infused romantic dinner might suit partners who are from the South and missing home, or for those who appreciate the rich, decadent meals that Southern food affords. There are lots of options here, from a Shrimp and Spinach Alfredo, to Roast Duck and Champagne.

Italian Romantic Dinners for Two

Italian food can be simple and straightforward, inexpensive yet very sensual, all with little time invested. Buy or make some Garlic Bread, offer up a plain salad with some Italian dressing, some simple pasta with a meat sauce or , and then finish the meal off with some gelati and/or sorbetti and an inexpensive bottle of wine (Buy Direct).

Simple Romantic Dinner Ideas

As simple as it gets, quiche is one of the easiest romantic dinners to make. Pair it with a simple salad, some grilled vegetables in season, and finish it off with a store bought angel food cake, whipped cream and berries.

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