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How to Create Romance Using the Web


If you are looking to create romance in your dating life, the Web is a great tool to use.

Take a peek to see if your partner’s name has a URL attached to it, and if not, purchase it. Network Solutions will tell you for free whether or not your URL is taken. Budget for approximately $35/year to own the domain name. So for someone whose name is Joan Doe for instance, check to see if http://joandoe.com/ is taken.

Then, take a bit of time to learn how to make a website, and create romance by making a page just for them. It could be full of links that you know your partner would enjoy, or perhaps a journal about your relationship. Simpler still, write or adapt a famous love poem and attach a picture of a flower or other romantic symbol that is meaningful to them. Then while surfing the web with them one day, casually ask them if they’ve ever looked to see if their domain ‘name’ is taken, and let them type it in themselves for some unexpected romance.

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