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Romantic Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday Gifts For Couples


Whether you've been together for years or a few months, coming up with the perfect, romantic birthday gift idea for your sweetie can be a challenge. Use these suggestions as is, let them inspire you to create something truly personalized, or add your own romantic birthday gift suggestion.

Romantic Birthday Gift - The Fantasy Suite

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For the person who wants to go all out for a romantic birthday gift, this pre-made kit comes with everything needed: two satin robes, warming massage oil, chocolate body paint, two champagne flutes and a champagne bucket, three candles, 50 tea lights, 1000 rose petals, a hot heart massager and a romantic music CD.

Romantic Birthday Gift - Vibrating Massage Mitt

Romantic Birthday Gift Idea - Vibrating Massage Mitt

I highly recommend this product, having used it myself. Warm some lotion in your hands before placing it on your partner, and then slip on the massage mitt to move the lotion around a bit. When you're reading to amp things up a bit, put the mini bullet in the attached pocket and give your partner a romantic birthday gift they'll never forget!

  • The Frisky Finger is a portable massager that fits over your finger, perfect for small area massaging like the back of the neck. (Buy Direct)
  • Replacement Bullet Vibrator (Buy Direct)
  • Warming Lubricant and Massage Oil (Buy Direct)

Romantic Birthday Gift - L'Eau A Deux Bathtime Kit

Romantic Birthday Gift Idea - Bath Time For Two

There is nothing more relaxing than having a bath, but having one together amidst candlelight is that much more romantic. This pre-assembled bath time kit for couples is perfect as a romantic birthday gift, as it automatically assumes the two of you will be using the contents together. Comes with both bubble bath and massage oil, an organza massager, candles, and a smooth jazz CD full of romantic songs.

Romantic Birthday Gift - Tingling Body Massager

Romantic Birthday Gift Idea - Tingling Body Massager

This may look like a medieval torture device, or perhaps something better fitting in the garden, but folks this little tool is guaranteed to send shivers down your partner's spine no matter where you use it - head, back, legs, hands. This is one of my favorite romantic birthday gifts of all time, because I can use it on my own or with my partner, anytime, anywhere, and it feels absolutely divine.

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