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Dating Questions About Sex and Intimacy

Want more information on how to get your partner to initiate sex more often, when its time to become intimate with a new partner, how to talk about sex with your partner or need advice on moving from casual sex to more? You've found what you're looking for.

Can Casual Sex Become A Relationship?
A female reader asks if it is possible to turn casual sex with someone into a full-blown relationship.

How Long To Wait To Have Sex?
Readers explain how long it takes them to get intimate with a new dating partner.

Should My Teenage Daughter Have Overnighters With Her Boyfriend?
A parent asks what readers think about her teen daughter having her boyfriend over for a sleepover, or if her daughter should be allowed to sleep at her boyfriend's house.

The Problem of Desire in Long Term Relationships
Therapist and author Esther Perel talks about the causes of diminished desire and sex in long-term committed relationships and ways couples can rethink about desire in their committed relationships.

Acheiving Sexual Intimacy Despite Chronic Pain
From About.com's Guide to Senior Living, a sexual how-to for those suffering from chronic pain.

Exploring Intimacy Without Sexual Intercourse
Defining sexual intercourse and intimacy, and how to have one without the other. From About.com's Guide to Sexuality.

Is He Into Me, Or Is It Just Sex?
How can you tell if it's just lust, or something more?

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