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Sexual Intercourse

Dating questions about sexual intercourse, answered.
  1. Safer Sex

Choosing Between Casual Sex and Something More
A reader asks why his casual sex partner can't decide if she wants something more with him or not.

Talking About Sex With Your Partner
How to talk about sex with the person you are dating or are in a long term relationship with.

How To Talk Dirty
The basics of 'dirty talk'.

Increasing Intimacy Through Sexual Touch
A step by step guide to exploring sexual touch with your partner.

The Problem of Desire in Long Term Relationships
Therapist and author Esther Perel talks about the causes of diminished desire and sex in long-term committed relationships and ways couples can rethink about desire in their committed relationships.

Acheiving Sexual Intimacy Despite Chronic Pain
From About.com's Guide to Senior Living, a sexual how-to for those suffering from chronic pain.

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend I'm Not Ready To Have Sex?
How do you tell a partner you're not ready to become physically intimate yet?

Exploring Intimacy Without Sexual Intercourse
Defining sexual intercourse and intimacy, and how to have one without the other. From About.com's Guide to Sexuality.

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