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Single Parents

Dating a single parent can be an interesting challenge, as can being a single parent looking for a mate. Learn more about the challenges facing this ever-growing subset of the single population, and what how to preserve your own best interests.
  1. Single Parent Dating Sites

Finding Time to Date as a Single Parent
Tips to find time for dating again after you've had kids.

How to Introduce Your Children to Your New Love Interest
Some single parents struggle with how to introduce a new love interest to their children. Here are some great tips to help you, and don't forget to share your advice for other single parents too.

My Child Dislikes My Boyfriend. Help?
Dating advice for those flummoxed when their child and partner don't get along.

The Perks of Dating A Single Parent
Need a reminder as to why being a single parent should make you in demand in the dating world? Read on for an uplifting list.

Dating for Divorced Dads
A list of do's and don'ts for divorced dads that want to date.

Dating Tips for Lesbian Moms
Tips for the newly single or newly out single lesbian mom looking to get into the lesbian dating scene.

How to Find Women to Date
For single dads wanting tips on how to find great women to date.

Introducing Your Children to Someone You Are Dating
When do you introduce your children to the person you're dating?

Protect Your Child From Predators When You Date
How do you know your child/ren are safe with the person you are dating? Read this helpful list of tips to find out.

What and When to Tell the Kids About Your Dating
Written with single dads in mind, this article works equally well for single parents who don't know how to broach the subject of dating again with their kids.

Single & Pregnant: Dating Do's and Some Don'ts
Is it really possible to date when pregnant with someone else's child? Rachel Sarah explores this interesting situation with women who have.

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