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Dating for Debtors Review **Closed**

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**Now out of business, as of 2011**

A technically free dating service that caters to people struggling with debt, Dating for Debtors' intentions are good and the layout is relatively uncluttered, but the site requires some basic tweaks to make signing up both enjoyable and user-friendly.

Overview from Dating for Debtors

"...designed to give people in debt a free and easy way to find friendship, relationships, romance or maybe even marriage at a time in their lives when they might be feeling alone and isolated because of their financial worries."

What a Dating for Debtors Membership Includes

Signing up with Dating for Debtors means working through a relatively long Q&A portion, most of which you can skip (look for the very light colored pink link at the bottom right of each page).

Everyone is welcome at Dating for Debtors, regardless of age, sexual orientation or marital status, and the Q&A's cover them nicely. For the time being however, it seems this free dating service is focusing on connecting people with debt issues for friendship only.

Other free dating service features include instant messaging, chat, email, "kisses" to get another users' attention, hot lists, photo galleries with different levels of access, horoscopes, a list of who has viewed your profile, and a Perfect Match system.

Dating for Debtors Unique Features

Upon signing up, free dating service users are presented with a larger-than-normal list to determine when the Dating for Debtors should send an automatic alert: when any new user signs up, when a 'perfect match' signs up, whenever someone visits your profile, when you have email, Dating for Debtors news, and/or on any of your listed friends' birthdays. With currently only 1230 members, the first alert may not be that tedious, but I could see daily notes letting you know someone, somewhere, signed up for the free dating service, could become a tad annoying.

Another unusual aspect of Dating for Debtors' free dating service is their age ranges; on the front page users can only choose from 18-61, whereas when signing up users can choose to view other members between the ages of 18-80. Further review showed that the free dating service hasn't worked out all of its kinks yet being a new site, and the age discrepancy is one of them. Another oddity was the Hot List feature, which immediately upon signing up with the free dating service showing I already had four admirers and that I was personally interested in 71 others.

Dating for Debtor's Perfect Match feature is an interesting one, where if you answer more than 75% of the fill-in-the-blank questions, you'll receive a list of other free dating service members with which you are highly compatible with.

Dating for Debtors Costs

Dating for Debtors states openly it is a free dating service, but they do have a Gold feature, offered at $4/month USD as well. However, I wasn't able to determine what a Gold membership offered in relation to its free dating service membership.

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