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STD Dating Sites


Every niche of dating site imaginable has cropped up over the past decade, including ones that cater to singles with HIV, herpes, HPV, HSV, syphillis and more. If you've been diagnosed with an STI or STD or don't mind dating someone who has, take a peek at these options with explanations as to why I feel they're different, better, or a good choice.

Have you used one of these, or another, STD dating site and want to share your experiences? I'd love to hear about it: STD Dating Site Reviews


1. MPwH


Meet People with Herpes (MPwH) caters to singles with Herpes and/or HPV and who want to meet someone special to date. Starting in 1997 and boasting more than 70,000 members, MPwH is one of the longest standing and most used STD dating sites around today, although the layout looks more 90s than post-millenial. Still, it offers a great number of features and the site gets quoted by experts regularly when speaking of STIs and dating. Cost: $5.75 to 9.99 a month USD, depending on the length of subscription.

2. HMates


With more than 15,000 members, HMates offers a larger database of members than most STD dating sites, and a nice, straightforward layout to boot. Focusing entirely on people with HSV and/or HPV, HMates won't There are no costs to use HMates, and the feature-rich site includes privacy features, chat, photos, and advanced search capabilities for all members, although you'll have to fill out your profile completely before you can contact anyone.

3. STD Friends


US-based STD dating site catering to people with all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases. Focuses more on community than many other dating companies, with lots of forums, groups and social networking -type features, but no instant messaging.  Although the front page signup only shows American locations, the company does offer its services to more than 50,000 people around the world. Free to use.

4. Date Positive

UK-based STD dating site offers blogs, chat rooms, favorites, and multimedia uploads to your profile, as well as an unlimited number of photos. Two experts, a doctor and a counselor, offer advice and support for Date Positive members struggling with being single and having an STD, and the "best" profiles get a free month of access. Costs "£3.99 per month, billed in a single payment of £11.97".

5. Love H Style

Love H Style
HPV Groups

More social networking than dating, Love H Style offers support, information and groups mostly for people with HVP or Herpes, but they also welcome anyone with an STI and STD. Text heavy and information dense, the site doesn't require its members to pay for services, but you won't get full access until you pay a very small fee ranging from $0.99 a month to $9.99 a year. Includes chat, message boards, groups that you can create and invite people to, as well as photo, video and music uploads.

6. H-Date


A somewhat dated view welcomes new members to H-Date, a dating site geared toward people living with Herpes Type 1 (HSV-1) or Type 2 (HSV-2). You won't see anyone's picture until you sign up (which takes about a minute, and then a short wait for a confirmation email), although you can read their basic profile information and see how many folks (generally) live close by on the site. After signing up, you'll be asked a series of questions, some of which may be offensive, such as one entitled merely, "Sex" where folks are asked to choose between numerous casual and sex-only questions with regards to how casually they like their intimate interactions. Then you'll be asked to fill in your profile, and after can peruse the site - but can't contact anyone else without paying either $8.95 or $10 as a "verification" payment.

7. Positive Singles

Positive Singles
Positive Singles runs under the umbrella of SuccessfulMatch, a huge network of online dating sites that people own and run independently using shared databases. Many of the sites that I ran into either submitted through my dating site submissions or via searches fell under this umbrella, and I've listed just a few at the bottom of this article. Basically, all of the sites under the SuccessfulMatch/Positive Singles header offer the same features: chat, forums, information, support, online STD counselors, blogs, date ideas, and STD support services around the US and the world. Fees range from $15.95 to 29.99 USD a month, depending on how long you want to sign up for. Positive Singles most likely has the largest user base of all the sites on this list, however not all will have an STD as the database of members is shared between hundreds of dating sites.

8. STD Chats


Free to sign up, with monthly fees ranging from $15.95-29.95 USD depending on the length of contract you decide to sign. Lots of features such as an STD counselor, information and advice about dating with STDs, and variable search options outside of the norm for most dating sites. Belongs to the SuccessfulMatch franchise, an umbrella company for thousands of affilated dating sites.

9. STD Match

STD Match

Run by Positive Singles (Buy Direct), STD Match offers its users an ID service where members can confirm their identity, forums and blogs to connect with other singles, and lots of support from professionals and experts alike for dealing with an STD diagnosis. Fees range from $15.95 to $29.95 a month USD.

10. STD Friends

Open to people with any sort of STI the world over, with more than 50,000 members listed when I checked. STD Friends focuses on the social networking, forums and chat options more than most sites on this list. At one point, STD Friends was a free dating site for people with a sexual transmitted disease, but now they seem to charge upt o $79.95/month USD for a membership, according to their affiliate page, which seems a bit steep to me and thus why it's at the bottom of this list.

11. More STD Dating Sites

There are a great number of other dating sites that cater to people with STIs or STDs, but I didn't cover them all here because many fall under another site's mandate and offer the same benefits, features and services as its parent. Therefore, I've listed them here, in case you like the layout more but want the features of one of the other sites it's based on.

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