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Thanksgiving Dinner

Making Both Of Your Families Happy At Thanksgiving Dinner


To avoid Thanksgiving dinner stress between you and your partner's families, learn these Thanksgiving dinner suggestions for a well-rounded celebration. Or, if its just the two of you this Thanksgiving, why not try some of these Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas For Couples, or these Thanksgiving Date Ideas.

Host Thanksgiving Dinner

If both you and your partner's families want you both to attend their Thanksgiving dinner festivities, why not host Thanksgiving dinner at your home instead, and invite everyone to attend?

Do Both Thanksgiving Dinner and Lunch

If everyone lives close enough to one another, perhaps one family could host Thanksgiving diner, while another hosts lunch. This way everyone can have some celebratory time together on the big day.

Have Dual Thanksgiving Dinners

For those families where only Thanksgiving dinner will suffice, why not celebrate with one of your families earlier, and one later, while having a nice romantic Thanksgiving dinner at home with just the two of you?

Alternate Thanksgiving Dinner

If you and your partners' family live far apart from one another, commit to one Thanksgiving one year, and then the other family the next.

Be Honest With Each Family About Thanksgiving Dinner

It might be a challenge to change you or your partners' family celebrations at Thanksgiving, and one family may take it as a slight that you cannot accommodate their traditions. So be honest with everyone in letting them know that, as your relationship with your partner evolves so will family celebrations. But that isn't to mean that one family is loved any less than another; rather, try to see how everyone can be happy while still honoring your newfound union.
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