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What To Do For St. Valentine's Day

Index of St. Valentine's Day Ideas


Creating the perfect St. Valentine's Day is a lofty, but achievable goal. The trick is to maneuver through all of the hype to find the things that will touch your partner's heart or make your currently single soul joyful. What follows is an index of the best Valentine's ideas on the About.com Dating site to assist in planning and orchestrating it memorably.

Celebrating St. Valentine's Day as a Single

Couple kissing, surrounded by rosepedals.
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A lot of singles shun St. Valentine's Day, and perhaps for good reason. Marketing mavens have taken the celebration and made it a frenzied event for in-love couples to prove their devotion to one another. Yet we all deserve to be loved, and loving oneself is the first step towards a healthy relationship. So why don't singles take back this holiday and celebrate it themselves? Buy yourself a chocolate gift, meet someone new, or use the day to comfort yourself after a recent breakup.

St. Valentine's Day Cards and Love Letters

Whether you choose to write a love letter, email, make, or buy a St. Valentine's Day card, make sure that you have enough for everyone you love in your life, not just your partner. February 14th isn't meant just to celebrate romantic love; try appreciating all of the people in your life who are loving, kind, and supportive too.

Inexpensive Ways of Celebrating St. Valentine's Day

St. Valentine's Day doesn't have to cost you a penny if you don't want it to. There are many ways to be romantic without spending a dime, some that are even specific to St. Valentine's Day.

St. Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Gift giving is a tricky proposition no matter what relationship stage you are in. First there is basic etiquette to follow, and then you have to decide what kind of gift you want to give. Hm. Some chocolate, perhaps? Lingerie or lounge wear? No wait, something charitable would work better?

Romantic Ideas for St. Valentine's Day

Just how romantic are you? Everyone can up their romance quotient, even if making your partner swoon is a regular occurrence. Romantic ideas needn't necessarily be flashy though; sometimes a gentle kiss with a heartfelt, "I Love You," is more than enough.
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