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Create the Perfect Valentine's Day


No need to fret! You can create the perfect Valentine's Day using these simple suggestions. Follow these tips and your sweetie will definitely appreciate your romantic efforts.

Buy a Valentine's Day Card

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Before you do anything else, make sure to visit Blue Mountain cards and choose a free eCard to send your loved on automatically on Valentine's Day. This way, you won't forget to get a card, you'll avoid the rush at your local card shop, and there is no cost involved, thus saving your cash for a lovely gift. If your partner isn't big on using email however, do head out and grab a physical card as soon as possible.

Make Your Gift Special

Everyone does flowers and chocolate on Valentines Day, which may be appropriate for your partners gift depending on what they like and appreciate. But why not make your Valentines gift something a bit more unusual, special and memorable? Some ideas:
  • Instead of the traditional flowers, why not give flowering teas for two instead? (Buy Direct)
  • Try a massage bar and add your own handmade gift certificate for a body massage; (Buy Direct)
  • Surprise your loved one with tickets to a favorite event (Buy Direct), such as a sports team playoff game or a touring band in town for the weekend;
  • Why do just plain chocolate when you can provide your partner with a sexy gift basket, complete with honey dust, massage oil and body paint? (Compare Prices)

Plan for An Experience

Any die-hard romantic will tell you a gift is crucial when planning the perfect Valentine's Day, but there is more to success on this occasion than merely choosing the right present. Plan for an experience as well and you'll have created a duo-whammy of romantic bliss that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Some suggestions:
  • A walk along the beach hand-in-hand or a moonlight stroll to stargaze;
  • A night cuddled up on the couch watching romantic movies;
  • Go skydiving together or rent a hot air balloon; or
  • Memorize a famous love poem to recite over dinner.

Add An Element of Surprise

Of course your partner is going to know that you have something planned for Valentine's Day - and that's okay. Let them in on a portion of the day's planned activities so they can hire a babysitter or ensure they have an appropriate outfit to wear. But many relationship experts agree that a surprise here and there ensures a relationship full of passion and affection, so don't tell your loved on every little detail quite yet. Some suggestions:
  • Say I love you for the very first time;
  • Call the local radio station and dedicate "your" song on the air; or
  • Plan a romantic getaway and share the news over dinner.

Focus On Your Partner

Just because you love Valentine's Day doesn't mean your partner does, and by taking into account his or her preferences for the holiday, you'll be making the day special in its own way. Therefore, if your loved on isn't into the occasion, don't make them sit through a night of candlelight and Barry White. Likewise, if they go gaga over anything red with a heart on it well before Christmas is over, giving them a peck on the cheek as the pizza delivery person knocks on your door isn't going to cut it either. Instead, try thinking of some creative ways to be romantic with your partner, and you'll create the perfect Valentine's Day for both of you.
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