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Sexy Valentines Day Costumes for Women


Add a bit of fun and sex appeal to your Valentines Day celebrations this year by dressing up in one of these costumes. Appropriate for both single women and those coupled up, you'll be sure to attract attention either way.

1. Sexy Cupid

Sexy Cupid Valentines Day Costume
With a cute pink ruffle on the bottom and a heart shaped ruffle on the tank top, this sexy cupid outfit will surely turn heads, whether out and about or in the bedroom. Pink wings, a bow and arrow complete the costume, and it comes in either a S/M or M/L for sizing.

2. Love Struck

Love Struck Valentines Day Costume
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This Love Struck costume is an all-out affair, and comes with everything pictured but the shoes: pink satin stretch dress with a layered ruffle tutu hem, ruched neckline with satin bow, heart pin (Reads: Be Mine), coordinating panties, signature bow and arrow, and heart-shaped wings. Comes in Small, Medium, Large and Plus Sizes too.

3. Sassy Cupid

Sassy Cupid Valentines Day Costume
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A cheeky little outfit that reminds me a bit of Oktoberfest fare, this sassy cupid outfit comes with the pictured pink Mini-dress, corset and pull on sleeves, thigh high stockings, halo and wings, choker, and shoe clips. The following however will need to be purchased separately:

4. Playboy Cupid

Playboy Valentines Day Costume
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An official Playboy product, this costume is sure to turn heads. Inlcudes a short white lycra dress with a cutout waist, hot pink panne sash and side bow, matching kiss marked thigh highs, bow and arrow and pink feathered wings. All you'll need are a killer pair of shoes and you'll be stealing hearts all Valentine's Day.

5. Cupid Cutie

Cupid Cutie Valentines Day Costume
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A sexy yet cute costume for aspiring cupids everywhere. This costume only comes with the pictured lace trimmed underwire bra top and the garter skirt, so you'll have to get the red lace thigh-highs (Buy Direct), wings (Buy Direct) and bow and arrow set (Buy Direct separately, but put it all together and you'll have a knockout outfit to wow your partner this Valentine's Day.

6. Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts Costume - Valentines Costume
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Although you may be tempted to yell, "Off With Their Heads!" with this costume, perhaps you'll let your partner please you in lovely ways this Valentine's Day to spare themselves. Everything shown is included in this costume purchase: full length gown, white lace collar and cuffs, red velvet skirt, black velvet choker, sequin heart tiara, hoop and tulle petticoat.

7. Sexy Queen of Hearts

Sexy Queen of Hearts Costume - Valentines Day Costume
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A bit less dramatic then the last Queen of Hearts but just as exciting, this costume comes with a collar, dress, stockings and crown, but you'll need to buy a petticoat (Buy Direct) to make it poofy like it is in the picture. Still a stunning outfit, and one that will be remembered as a Valentines Day treat for years to come.

8. Enchanting Queen of Hearts

Enchanting Queen of Hearts Costume - Valentines Day Costume
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All you'll need is a petticoat (Buy Direct) and maybe a flamingo purse - for croquet, of course - to round out this enchanting version of the Queen of Hearts theme. Comes with halter mini dress with marabou feather trim along the front, stand-up collar, decorated stockings and jeweled crown.

9. Queen of Broken Hearts

Queen of Broken Hearts Costume - Goth Valentines - Valentines Day Costume
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You might not want to be the Queen of Broken Hearts if you're planning a romantic night with your sweetie on Valentine's Day, but I can bet your night will be a success if you wore this out to a party as a single gal. Comes with black velvet dress, crimson satin bodice and attached stand-up collar, puff sleevettes, decorated skirt panels, matching satin peplum, sequined crown, fence-net pantyhose, jeweled choker, and black petticoat.
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