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Best Chocolate Gift Ideas for Dates, Lovers and Mates


Milk or dark, truffles or bars, cookies, cakes, mousses and even non-edible chocolate gifts will hit your loved one's sweet spot. Read on for the list of my suggestions for the best chocolate gifts that will make your mouth water and your partner melt.

Chocolate Drink Gift Ideas

Woman Holding Box of Chocolates
Fuse/Getty Images

I grew up in a wet climate, where walking home on a rainy day from school was the norm. I knew however that once I set foot inside my orange shag-carpeted living room, I could kick off my rain boots, sit in front of the fire, and sip cocoa until I was toasty and dry again. A simple pleasure, but still one that I treasure to this day - the difference being is that now my tastes have matured, and thus, so have my chocolate drinks. Here are some of my favorites to indulge in:

Chocolate Mousse Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Idea - Chocolate Mousse
©Kirti Poddar

I'm a huge fan of chocolate mousse, and if given the opportunity would choose it as my dessert every day of the week. For those that love it as much as I do, there's no comparsion to making it from scratch. With only a few ingredients and less than an hour of your time, you can create a delectible confection for your sweetie that won't soon be forgotten. Here are some of my favorite chocolate mousse recipes from fellow About.com Guides:

Hand Made Chocolate Gift Ideas

Sputnik Chocolate Box - Chocolate Gift Idea

Traditional, lovely and oh-so-delicious, zChocolat has many hand made chocolate gift variations. Featured is a trendy chocolate box filled with ten handmade French chocolates is a treat sure to tempt the tastebuds and openly display your affection. Other options include a mahogany box with je t'aime embossed on the outside (Buy Direct), or heart-shaped truffles with an appropriate romantic saying, such as, "Your love gives me wings," (Buy Direct) or, "My love for you grows richer with every passing day." (Buy Direct) Or, make your own chocolates with these great recipes:

Chocolate Fondue Gift Ideas

Chocolate Fountain Gift Set - Chocolate Gifts

For a succulent evening at home, why not make chocolate fondue for the two of you? Chocolate fondue sets (Buy Direct) and chocolate fountains (Buy Direct) normally come with skewers and stainless steel implements for easy setup and cleanup, so this chocolate gift that can be enjoyed countless times together.

  • Four pounds of milk chocolate fondue (Buy Direct)
  • Four pounds of dark chocolate fondue (Buy Direct)

Box of Chocolates Gift Ideas

Tower of Sweet Surprises - Valentines Day Chocolates

A stunning three-tiered display of traditional heart shaped boxes filled with chocolate delights: dark chocolate raspberry squares, white-chocolate covered pretzels with red drizzle, chocolate cherry-flavored caramels, and strawberries and crème buttons. Or, try one of these delectible pre-made chocolate boxes to wow your love:

Chocolate Cookie Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Idea - Chocolate Chip Cookies
Copyright Crystal Woroniuk/stock.xchng

Maybe your loved one loves to make chocolate cookies, or perhaps they just like to eat them. Either way, you can easily get the perfect chocolate gift by catering to their wishes with one of these helpers, gift baskets or recipes:

Chocolate Pasta Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Idea - Cocoa Pasta
Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate pasta, you say? It's not the norm for most of us, but don't shake your head at it before trying it. The chocolate in these lovely dishes brings out a depth to tomato-based sauces, similar to how adding chocolate to chili enhances its flavor too. If your chocoholic has tried everything else cocoa-based under the sun, these chocolate gift ideas might thrill them:

Chocolate Candy Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Idea - Chocolate Gummi Bears

Chocolate candy is easy to come by whether you make it from scratch or buy some pre-made. Still, it's a huge favorite for many folks so I couldn't not list it here. Instead, I've tried to add chocolate candies that are a bit out of the ordinary instead of the everyday fare you can find at any corner store for an even sweeter gift. Try:

Chocolate Bar Gift Ideas

Chocolate Gift Idea - Chocolate Bar
Keith Syvinski/stock.xchng

Does your partner love chocolate bars? If so, why not make their favorite treat for them (or buy some from the store) and then print off a personalized wrapper for the gift, making it a sweet indulgence that will surprise.

Chocolate Treats for Body and Soul

Chocolate Gift Idea - Chocolate Body Lotion

Not all chocolate needs to be injested - although some chocoholics amongst us might disagree. If your partner loves chocoalte but wants to keep their waistline trim, or can't indulge as much as they'd like, perhaps one of these treats might quench their craving without the guilt:


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