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SinglesCruise.com Review

Review of SinglesCruise.com

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The oldest singles cruise company in the US, Singles Cruises.com offers its clients a large selection of options, including free roommate matching, special event cruises, age-specific cruises and location-based cruises.

Overview from SinglesCruise.com

"Looking for new friendships, a love connection or an absolutely fabulous singles vacation? You've come to the right spot! SinglesCruise.com is the largest singles cruise operator and we specialize in fully hosted, fun-filled singles cruise vacations to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Alaska, Canada, Europe and more!"

Unique Features of SinglesCruise.com

SinglesCruise.com is the oldest singles cruise provider in the U.S. (since 1991), and only provides cruises for singles. As well, they offer a free roommate matching service for those wanting double occupancy, a rarity among singles cruise lines.

As well, SinglesCruise.com offers a variety of cruises for special events (such as New Years, Hallowe'en and Super Bowl) and specific groups (like lock and key events or police, firefighters and friends).

SinglesCruise.com Cruise Costs and What's Included

Fees range depending on where the cruise sails to and from, as well as the length of the cruise and what kind of room you'd like (single or shared). 7-day cruises seem to lie in the $975-$1200 range for double occupancy.

All meals and snacks, 24 hour room service, entertainment, taxes and all of the ship's amenities are included in the cost of every cruise, as are the organized singles events. Gratuities (10% of the cost of the cruise) and on-shore activities ($155 USD) are extra.

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