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Holiday in Handcuffs


Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) - Romantic Holiday Movie

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) - Romantic Holiday Movie


One of the strangest romantic holiday movies on this list, but if you can make it past the half-way mark, not a bad flick at all, considering its made-for-TV status. Holiday in Handcuffs (Buy Direct) stars Melissa Joan Hart as Trudie, a woman scorned by a beautiful but bizarre boyfriend who dumps her on Christmas Eve. Although not explained well, Trudie decides that she can't go to her parent's place solo because they expect her to bring a +1, so she kidnaps the first good looking guy she comes across at her waitressing job. Through a bunch of somewhat far-fetched comedic incidents, her family buys the kidnapped story, and her new "boyfriend" (Mario Lopez) decides he has to choice but to play along for the ride until he can get out. But as he plays along, he starts to review his own life as well as Trudie's and finds out her crazy stunt may have just been worth the whole kaffufle.

How To Turn These Romantic Movie Moments Into Real-Life Romance

  • Take a risk with your partner this year, and do something a bit crazy and outside of your comfort zone to shake things up (without actually breaking the law, of course!);
  • Re-create a fond Christmas memory for your partner, such as having a white Christmas in the middle of the desert, or throwing a huge shindig for all of your friends and family on New Years'.
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