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I'll Be Seeing You


Two lonely singles on furlough - one a soldier, another a prison inmate - connect over shared feelings during the holidays.
I'll Be Seeing You (1944) - Holiday Romantic Movie

I'll Be Seeing You (1944) - Holiday Romantic Movie


Mary Marshall was convicted of accidental manslaughter and sentenced to six years. When she's allowed to visit family for the holidays because of good behavior, she runs into Zach Morgan on the train ride to her home town. Morgan is on break from the military, after having suffered a terrible tragedy that scarred him both emotionally and mentally. Both characters are obviously attracted to one another, and through the holiday festivities find solace in one another. But how will Mary tell Zach she has to return to prison soon, and can Zach keep his mental health a secret from Mary?

A good number of now-celebrities sprinkle the cast of I'll Be Seeing You (Buy Direct) such as Ginger Rogers and Shirley Temple. An often forgotten romantic holiday movie, probably because of it's unusual storyline.

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