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Last Holiday


Last Holiday (2006) - Romantic Holiday Movie

Last Holiday (2006) - Romantic Holiday Movie


Last Holiday (Buy Direct) is one of those movies that, when finished, you feel a bit of a loss. Not because it's a great piece of cinematography or story telling, although both are quite stunning in places, but rather because of the emotions between the lines. The things not said, that make it a gem of a holiday romance.

Georgia Bird (Queen Latifah) is a retail salesclerk that has chosen to live her life safely. She makes amazing meals every evening following her favorite chefs Didier and Emeril Lagasse (but never eats them), she longs after one of her coworkers (LL Cool J) but never acts on her feelings, and even sings a bit lacklusterly in church. It isn't until Georgia bonks her head and finds out she's got three weeks to live that she suddenly realizes life is for living -- and this is where the story starts to get fun. After quitting her job, flying across the world and experiencing everything she's ever wanted that she'd made into a huge collage/dream book, Georgia realizes just what she's been missing.

Full of little smiles and great one-liners ("I wanna have nothin' to do with your regrets. I've got my hands full with my own,") Last Holiday is a great movie to remind one of the Christmas spirit, and the inherent romance that comes along with the season.

How To Turn These Romantic Movie Moments Into Real-Life Romance

  • Take a risk. Do something you've always wanted to.
  • Live this holiday as if it were your last. What would you do differently?

Last Holiday

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