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When Harry Met Sally


When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Holiday Romantic Comedy

When Harry Met Sally (1989) - Holiday Romantic Comedy


When Harry Met Sally offers a lot of discussion opportunities for new couples, couples who have yet to spend a holiday together, or those who have moved from friendship into something more.

The premise of the movie is simple: Can a man and woman just be friends? The two main characters, Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) meet over and over throughout the years, and eventually end up becoming close friends. They both have other relationships and work their way through some testy waters - both individually, with their partners, and each other. Eventually however, they come to the question that many singles with friends of a gender they're attracted to face: should we take this to the next level, or end it?

When Harry Met Sally isn't a traditional holiday movie, in that it doesn't focus on the season for the entire film. Having said that, there are several major plot points that occur during the holidays, and the final moments take place right at New Year's Eve, when a decision needs making. It's a great movie to start the year with, or one to enjoy together all cuddled up as more than "just friends".

How To Turn These Romantic Movie Moments Into Real-Life Romance

  • If you've met your partner several times before the two of you got together, or, if you weren't each other's biggest fans initially, moving into friendship and then partners, why not mimic the start and end of Harry Met Sally, and share the story of how the two of you met? You could film it and make your own movie, write it down or create a comic book out of it, or just practice sharing the story for friends and family for the years to come.
  • The infamous faking orgasm scene, where Sally shows Harry that any woman can fake it and he'll never really know for sure, is an excellent conversation starter. If you're intimate with your partner, talk about whether or not you've ever faked an orgasm, and how your partner can tell if they're truly enjoying a sexual encounter.

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