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While You Were Sleeping


The story of a single woman who falls in love at first sight, just to find out that she was mistaken as to which family member she was best suited for.
While You Were Sleeping (1995) - Holiday Romantic Movie

While You Were Sleeping (1995) - Holiday Romantic Movie


While You Were Sleeping is one of my favorite holiday movies, although I'll rarely say no to watching it no matter what time of the year it is. Sandra Bullock is at her best in While You Were Sleeping, where she plays the part of a ticket taker infatuated with one of her weekday visitors. When someone jostles the object of her affections and she saves his life, a host of foibles follows, where one by one everyone involved in the fiasco assumes that she's the fiance of the guy she saved. But as the tag line for While You Were Sleeping aptly says, sometimes love happens at second sight, and Bullock is forced to face her lies of omission in front of the family who has befriended her.

How To Turn These Romantic Movie Moments Into Real-Life Romance

  • Go skating with your partner, but make sure to bring an extra pair of pants;
  • Make a date together to visit someone who has to spend the holidays in the hospital.

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